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Do you want to be a Carolina Rollergirl?

The Carolina Rollergirls are always looking for women, 18 years or older to join our league. If you’re interested in playing roller derby then come to any Open Practice.


Mondays: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Saturdays: 9:00am – 11:00am

CRG Warehouse
APEX, NC 27523

Please try to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to get geared up and ready to go! You’re going to want as much practice time as possible!

Find out what it’s really like to be a rollergirl! Whatever your current skating ability, we will teach you all the fundamental skating skills that you will need for tryouts at our Open Practices. Tryouts to join CRG will be held quarterly throughout the year.

Cost is $10 a session, or $40 a month. Please be prepared to pay via cash or PayPal before you start your Basic Skills session. For insurance purposes, you will be required to sign a waiver before participating in any CRG open practices/tryouts. Please email us for more information.

Saturday, January 7th, 2017 / 9:00am – 11:00am

Important: please arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to get geared up and ready to go at 9am!

Want more derby? Ballista Blockheart, a retired CRG skater and current volunteer leads a Roller Derby class on Friday evenings.  Ballista is a fantastic instructor. The class is for all levels of skaters. Rental skates are available, but you must wear knee pads and wrist guards. Elbow pads and a helmet are encouraged. The class is $10 per class (cash or debit/credit card accepted) with no pre-registration and no minimum number of classes!

Roller Derby Class with Ballista Blockheart:

Fridays: 5:30pm – 6:45pm

Jellybeans Skate Center of Cary
1120 Buck Jones Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606

To keep up with updates about basic skills practices, tryouts and skating help/advice from current CRG skaters, be sure to join the CRG Butcher Block Google Group.

What skills will I need learn to make the team?

At tryouts, each recruit will be asked to complete the skills listed below. Points will be awarded based on skill level. Come out to our open practices on Mondays and Saturdays and we will help you work on these skills.

Basic Skills Derby Endurance
  • Forward skating
  • One-foot glides
  • Crossovers (both directions)
  • Backwards skating
  • Mohawk / jump turns
  • Propel without lifting skates
  • Sprints
  • Squats (three for 30-seconds)
  • T Stop
  • Plow Stop
  • Attempting Hockey Stop
  • Turn Around Toe Stop
  • Strength assessments while standing still
  • 27 laps on the derby track in under 5 minutes

What equipment do I need?

Skates! It’s kinda hard to play roller derby without skates. We do have a few pairs of skates you can borrow in a VERY limited size range. It is recommended you bring your own skates. Try to borrow a friend’s or neighbors. We do not allow roller blades. Even if you don’t have skates, come on out and see what roller derby in the Triangle is all about. We often do strength exercises and other skills that you can participate in and you’ll be able to see what it takes to become a Carolina Rollergirl. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable tennis shoes!
In order to participate in CRG open practices, you are required to wear the following protective gear:

- Knee pads (range from $20-75)
Buy the best ones that you can afford. Derby is extremely rough on the knees. If you buy a cheaper pair (e.g. Pro-Tec Street, Triple 8 KP 22, 187 Fly) while you are learning, you will likely want to upgrade later (e.g. 187 Pro Knees, TSG Force IV, Rector Fat Boy, Smith Scabs).

-Elbow pads (range from $20 to $60)
Brands: Rector Fat Boy, 187 fly, Pro-Tec street elbow pads, Triple 8 EP55, TSG

-Wrist guards (range from $10 to $20)
Brands: Triple 8 (Hired hands, anti-glove, Wristsaver), TSG (pro wrist guards, Force IV) 187; Protec street wrist guard, Rector Proformer.

-Helmet (range from $20-40)
You will want a multi-sport helmet that is designed for multiple impacts; bicycle helmets are NOT suitable. Brands: Pro Tec, S-One, Triple 8, Nutcase

We do have some protective gear that you can borrow on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you find you love roller derby as much as we do, you might want to get your own gear. While we do wash the communal pads from time to time, they are just that – communal pads. Eww, sweat!
Protective gear can be purchased locally at Vertical Urge and Play it Again Sports, or from any of these websites: Sin City Skates, Bruised Boutique, Derby City Skates, Rollergirl Skates, and Derby Smack. Rental skates will be available at all practices.

Decent beginner skates start at about $100. While skaters are still new to skating and derby, we recommend vinyl (Boxers, Riedell R3s and Pacers) or leather (710 Torq, Carerra, and Rock) beginner skates. More expensive skates range from about $300 to $800+. Check out the Sin City Skates Blog for some good advice.

So, what is it really like to become a Carolina Rollergirl?

Being a rollergirl is a lot of hard work, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! We take our training very seriously. Most skaters are on the rink at least 3 times a week, but commonly more. Potential skaters must be aware that our sport can be life consuming and attendance records are kept and monitored.

Here’s what some of our skaters have to say:

‘I always wanted to play a contact sport as a child/teen and although I have been involved in multiple team sports, none of them were full contact. I found derby and haven’t looked back. It is now my #1 favorite sport for many reasons but I love the fact that it is a full contact sport on roller skates. How awesome is that!’ – Mischief Managed #934

‘Being a Carolina Rollergirl has introduced me to an amazing group of people, all dedicated to the sport of roller derby in the triangle. Its a lot of hard work – probably one of the hardest things I’ve done both mentally and physically (and I have a PhD and I’ve finished triathlons) but its completely worth it!’ – Sock Rae Blue #84

Transfer skater?

Already play derby? Moving to the area? Email the Training Director.

Don’t want to play roller derby but would like to get involved?

Carolina Rollergirls has amazing volunteers who are vital to the success of the league. We are always looking for helpers, from practices to bout day production, let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Referees (Male or Female, 18+) For more information contact our Head Referee.

Non-Skating Officials (NSO’s) carry out vital tasks such as scorekeeping, tracking penalties and running the penalty box. If you are interested in becoming an NSO, please contact our Stats Manager.

Bout Day Volunteers do everything from taking tickets to greeting the fans to working in the Merch Booth or as part of the track crew. If you’re interested in being a volunteer please email the Volunteer Director.

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