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World Of Beer Recap

Posted on: Apr 11, 2014

Ever since the founding of our league in 2004, the Carolina Rollergirls have had a strong community focus.  Every skater makes a promise to always serve and take care of our community and it’s people.

This year World of Beer Magazine was gracious enough to have CRG back as a sponsor for the World Beer Festival! Surrounded by tents with local breweries pouring beer after beer for the patrons, CRG made sure that we stood out in the crowd Roller Derby style (since we were one of the few beer-less attractions!)

Lucky Winner!

Safe to say, we fulfilled our duties.  That’s right folks; we weren’t serving beer and still had a constant crowd around us!  We had coozies and cups for sale, but what we gave away definitely made it worth the visit.  We wanted to make sure the patrons were having a great time, so we made things a little interesting.

Derby girl sammich!

CRG had a fun little game you could play when you signed up for our monthly electronic newsletter Rink Rash.  After signing up, you pulled a bead out of Sock Rae Blue’s actually sock, and the color of that bead had a designated prize.  Players had the chance to win bumper stickers or tickets, but the crowd favorite was definitely the hip check. Pull a red bead, and you got a legit hip check from one of the rollergirls (you could also opt for a hug instead, but the people spoke, and we hit!)  Another prize was getting your picture taken with a skater from CRG.  Those lucky winners are featured in the pictures here!

Choker with some new fans!

All in all, CRG had an incredible time participating in Raleigh’s World Beer Festival, and gained many new fans (AND A NEW SKATER) all while doing what we love best, talking DERBY to ya!

-Contributed by Choker Face

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