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Talk Derby to Me

Posted on: Dec 11, 2012

TalkStory – Talk Derby to Me

Upcoming on Tuesday, December 11th is a new kind of event for the Carolina Rollergirls. We are taking over the regular weekly TalkStory night at the Casbah in Durham to tell our derby stories.

As derby players, we have a physical presence and are most eloquent on the track during a bout, but TalkSotry will give us an opportunity to  tell, rather than show, how we derby. Originally conceived as a way to tell our “Genesis stories” it has broadened out to include any derby stories that skaters want to tell about derby: first bouts, “how derby saved my life”, the difference between derby as a sport and derby as a “rolling bar fight”, how I got this scar,  my derby name, derby wives and widows.

TalkStory will be a great chance to get to know CRG skaters in a new way – from the source. As a regular Tuesday night occurrence,
TalkStory allows people to tell their stories and have their say, often accompanied by projected images, and usually adhering to a weekly theme. Host Anton Zuiker has run TalkStory SInce July 2012 and offers up the stage at the Casbah for all kinds of narratives. The format will be similar to, though much shorter than, the stories you might hear on This American Life or the The Moth. There will also be a chance for audience participation, because derby is about our family, friends and fans as well.  So bring a story and take your chance on stage to talk derby. We especially welcome skaters trying out for CRG in January!


Tuesday, December 11th 2012
The Casbah, Durham
Doors open at 7, stories at 8

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