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Carolina Rollergirls Raise Over $10,000 for NC Special Olympics and Go “Over the Edge”

Posted on: Oct 05, 2011

What a day. The sun shining bright, the wind blowing fast. Was I sun-burned? Or wind-chapped? The high was 65 degrees on Saturday, Oct. 1, with 24 mph winds, cold for us North Cackalakins, when 10 folks from Team Carolina Rollergirls rappelled 32 stories down the Wachovia Building in downtown Raleigh.

This is the second year that the Rollergirls have participated in “Over the Edge” for NC Special Olympics. Last year skaters, Celia Fate and Eris Discordia, and mascot, Evil Ed agilely bounced their way down one of Raleigh’s tallest buildings. This year, 10 people signed up for the challenge, raising $10,786. This courageous bunch from Team Carolina Rollergirls includes: Aurora Thunder, Ginger Clobbers, Hot Mess Express, Kelly Hurd, MC Fyte, Sheeza Freak, Try Saratops, XX Factor, Evil Ed and Camo Rodeo (from Collision Men’s Derby).

Most of the folks were really excited, despite the cold winds. Well, Kelly (a.k.a. Smacky) wasn’t very excited, but she took it for the team and for Special Olympics. Recently reported, she has recovered from the experience and is back to normal activity.

For Evil Ed, with helmet cam in action, he was ready to enjoy the view. “Last year, it was all about the ropes and gear. This year I’m going to enjoy the scenery.”

Hot Mess Express’s eyes were as big as moon pies, “I almost blew over the side of the building!” She and teammate, Sheeza Freak, regularly volunteer their time with Special Olympics and were excited to help in another capacity.

Down below, CRG had quite the crowd watching, nearly 30 skaters and fans gathered to welcome each team member back to Earth. They chanted “Fyte, Fyte, Fyte” as she was announced to come down next. “The hardest part was actually going over the edge of the building. After that, I just never looked down, ” said MC Fyte.

XX Factor asked the volunteer at the bottom, “When can I do it again?” The expression on her face says it all.

It was a beautiful day enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to our photographers who documented the day’s events, Joshua R. Craig, Sam Bennet, Joshua Billingsley, Sean Foley and Abby Nardo. Thanks to those who donated to our team and allowed this day to happen. Thanks to “Over the Edge” and NC Special Olympics for having this event to raise awareness. And thanks to Mark Brumback of Shoreline Productions for live streaming the video. This allowed a very special friend of ours in Afganistan, to watch us live. Toona, thanks for your support!

The entire event raised $130,000 and was a huge success.


SmugMug Photos:

“Over the Edge” Blog was written by Eva Lye of the Carolina Rollergirls, who attended the event, but is afraid of heights.

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