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Meet the Fresh Meat

Posted on: Jan 18, 2012

That’s right, Carolina Rollergirls try-outs have once again come and gone, and we have ten new Carolina Rollergirls skaters. Welcome our new fresh meat:

bottom: (L to R) Amelia Ripheart, MRSAless, Katie Clysmic
2nd Row: Shae D. Character, Razz, Emilie
Top Row: Carol, Amy, Siena, Feelin’ Froggy

Out of 17 girls who made it through all three cuts at try-outs, in the end it was narrowed down to these 10 ladies. They will now move on to skills training and assessments to hopefully become active skaters with the Carolina Rollergirls.

You may have seen a few of these girls skating with their former leagues around the world – Katie Clysmic from Bristol Roller Derby (Bristol, UK); Amelia Ripheart from Salisbury Rollergirls (Salisbury, MD); MRSAless from Rogue Rollergirls (Fayetteville, NC); and Feelin’ Froggy from Ring City Rollergirls (Greenville, NC). Look for them skating on your favorite team in the Carolina Rollergirls in the future!

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