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July Sponsor Spotlight: Buffalo Brothers Pizza & Wing Company

Posted on: Jul 19, 2012

Carolina Rollegirls like to eat. It’s a fact, ask any one of us. Roller Derby is a tough sport that requires strength, endurance, balance and calories. Lots of calories; especially after a tough practice. To help satisfy our post practice caloric requirements and supply our bodies with nourishing muscle building foods, we look often to Buffalo Brothers.


Two of the things Buffalo Brothers is best known for and two of the reasons why CRG loves them!

Buffalo Brothers is a long term sponsor of the Carolina Rollergirls and we support them whole heartedly. The menu has a variety of foods that satisfy every palate. You can find skaters at the Capital Blvd location every week having healthy salads and sandwiches or indulging in pizza. Sometimes, we even partake in a delicious brownie sundae.


In addition to tasty food, Buffalo Brothers sports a nice beer selection including Lonerider’s Shotgun Betty, a CRG personal favorite.

Buffalo Brothers location at Lake Boone Trail

There are many sports teams and leagues throughout Raleigh and Buffalo Brothers supports many. Check them out at one of their two Raleigh locations; Capital Blvd and Lake Boone Trail.

Contributed by Dot Bomber

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