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Carolina Rollergirls Raise Over $10,000 for NC Special Olympics and Go “Over the Edge”

Posted on: Oct 05, 2011

What a day. The sun shining bright, the wind blowing fast. Was I sun-burned? Or wind-chapped? The high was 65 degrees on Saturday, Oct. 1, with 24 mph winds, cold for us North Cackalakins, when 10 folks from Team Carolina Rollergirls rappelled 32 stories down the Wachovia Building in downtown Raleigh.

This is the second year that the Rollergirls have participated in “Over the Edge” for NC Special Olympics. Last year skaters, Celia Fate and Eris Discordia, and mascot, Evil Ed agilely bounced their way down one of Raleigh’s tallest buildings. This year, 10 people signed up for the challenge, raising $10,786. This courageous bunch from Team Carolina Rollergirls includes: Aurora Thunder, Ginger Clobbers, Hot Mess Express, Kelly Hurd, MC Fyte, Sheeza Freak, Try Saratops, XX Factor, Evil Ed and Camo Rodeo (from Collision Men’s Derby).

Most of the folks were really excited, despite the cold winds. Well, Kelly (a.k.a. Smacky) wasn’t very excited, but she took it for the team and for Special Olympics. Recently reported, she has recovered from the experience and is back to normal activity.

For Evil Ed, with helmet cam in action, he was ready to enjoy the view. “Last year, it was all about the ropes and gear. This year I’m going to enjoy the scenery.”

Hot Mess Express’s eyes were as big as moon pies, “I almost blew over the side of the building!” She and teammate, Sheeza Freak, regularly volunteer their time with Special Olympics and were excited to help in another capacity.

Down below, CRG had quite the crowd watching, nearly 30 skaters and fans gathered to welcome each team member back to Earth. They chanted “Fyte, Fyte, Fyte” as she was announced to come down next. “The hardest part was actually going over the edge of the building. After that, I just never looked down, ” said MC Fyte.

XX Factor asked the volunteer at the bottom, “When can I do it again?” The expression on her face says it all.

It was a beautiful day enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to our photographers who documented the day’s events, Joshua R. Craig, Sam Bennet, Joshua Billingsley, Sean Foley and Abby Nardo. Thanks to those who donated to our team and allowed this day to happen. Thanks to “Over the Edge” and NC Special Olympics for having this event to raise awareness. And thanks to Mark Brumback of Shoreline Productions for live streaming the video. This allowed a very special friend of ours in Afganistan, to watch us live. Toona, thanks for your support!

The entire event raised $130,000 and was a huge success.


SmugMug Photos:

“Over the Edge” Blog was written by Eva Lye of the Carolina Rollergirls, who attended the event, but is afraid of heights.

Ten Strong

Posted on: Sep 29, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of our families, friends, fans, and sponsors, CRG is proud to announce that we have raised more than $10,000 for Special Olympics and we will be rappelling off of the Wachovia Building on Saturday with our entire team of ten! We cannot express how grateful we are for your contributions and to have the opportunity to raise money for such an awesome cause- and how excited we are to rappel off this building!

We hope you can join the CRG family on the ground on Saturday as we support our teammates who are 30 stories up. Participants will be rappelling all day, but CRG takes the stage from 1:00pm- 2:30pm. Individual times are as follows:

1:10pm- Aurora Thunder, Camo Rodeo, Evil Ed

1:25pm- Hot Mess Express, Try Saratops, XX Factor

1:35pm- Ginger Clobbers, Kelly Hurd

1:50pm- MC Fyte, Sheeza Freak

We hope to see you there!

PS- We can raise money for the Special Olympics all the way until Saturday. Please consider donating here.

Getting our Happy on Saturday in the Bull City!

Posted on: Sep 28, 2011

While much of America was sleeping, watching college football or trying to finally finish that home improvement project they started six years ago, CRG and their biggest supporters were getting their happy on in Durham at the annual NC Pride parade.   Clouds loomed and rain was in the forecast but nothing could dampen our excitement to show everyone that CRG supports those who are the happiest among us.  The crowds lined the streets of Durham several happy people deep and they displayed their love of therollergirls, snapping photos with their happy cameras and celebrating our participation with their happy voices!  Here is just a sampling of the happiness that ensued…

Thanks to Holly Tucker (and Bucket) for our brand new t-shirt design! It made me happy.

The caped crusader (Eris Discordia) and the winged wonder (Fairy Brutal) getting their happy on!

Jesus on roller skates. Clearly, this makes Hot Mess Express happy!

Fresh meat Heather and Sarah are happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be? They get to play roller derby and skate in parades.

A shot of the whole happy group. Clearly, few of us read the memo that we were supposed to wear happy, rainbow colors! We sure do love our red and black!

In all seriousness, the NC pride parade is about celebrating everyone, regardless of whom they love.  Our society would be a much better place if we would stop trying to force everyone to be the same and accept people for who they are, whether straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, or queer (or a rollergirl).  Love is love.

Contributed by Sue Yu.

A Whole Bag of Thanks!

Posted on: Sep 21, 2011

It isn’t quite Thanksgiving, but CRG has a lot to be thankful for!

Remember how CRG challenged the Charlotte Rollergirls to see which team could raise the most money for Over the Edge for Special Olympics (it was mentioned briefly here)? Well, we had an impressive 11 skaters and volunteers step up to accept the challenge and take on the task of raising $1000 each and thanks to the generosity of some awesome friends and sponsors, WE HAVE ALMOST REACHED OUR GOAL AS A TEAM!

We would like to give special thanks to Shawn Helton and Phoenix Tattoo for their generous donations to the CRG fund. Phoenix Tattoo has been a loyal sponsor for years and many of our skaters sport their artwork, so you should go there for all your tattoo needs.

We also appreciate the donation to the CRG fund by The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux. You will remember these guys as one of our most popular halftime shows this year at Dorton. We really appreciate your support!

Lastly the CRG Over The Edge team would like to give HUGE THANKS to our friend Toona who single handedly pushed five of our team members over our fundraising goal yesterday, ensuring that CRG will have an awesome representation at this event! Your generosity is inspiring and there are lots of rollergirl hugs waiting on you when you come home!

We have less than $1000 left to raise to get our ENTIRE team fully funded and, more importantly, to give a huge donation to a cause that is important to our team. Please consider donating what you can to the CRG fund that will be split to ensure that the most skaters get the opportunity to rappel.

Just in case you were living under a rock last weekend, Eastern Regionals took place in Baltimore, MD and the Gotham Girls took first place. Thank you to Charm City and DC Rollergirls for being excellent tournament hosts! We may not have come out with as many wins as we had hoped (160-67 loss to London, 175-166 nail biter loss to Montreal, and 243-172 win over Maine), but CRG is incredibly proud of our All-Stars for playing with heart and class. THANK YOU ladies for being smart, strong, and amazing on and off the track!

And The Nightmare Begins!

Posted on: Sep 15, 2011

Get ready Carolina fans it’s time to cheer your favorite ladies on in Baltimore MD at the 2011 WFTDA East Region Playoffs- Nightmare on 95! Your All-Star team led by captains Holly Wanna Crackya and DVS will be packing up their roller skates and taking themselves and the rest of the team to face some pretty tough competition.

On Friday Sept. 16 2011 your favorite team will be laying the smackdown on a new opponent who they’ve never met before…the roller girls from London. Carolina is prepared to show them what it’s like to get a butt kicking like they just can’t get across the pond. Once we’ve laid waste to London, Carolina Rollergirls will take on Philly at 6:00pm that same day. Once Philly is conquered the tournament continues bracket style until an ultimate East Region Champion is declared.

No ticket to Maryland? Not to worry. Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is partnering with Blaze Streaming Media of Portland, OR to cover every game of the Nightmare on 95. Visit the to tune in.  Viewing options include standard definition for free or a pay-per0view option that will stream in HD! No time to sit and watch? Our Carolina girls will be updating scores live from trackside to our Carolina Rollergirls twitter and Facebook. So be sure to tune in and send your girls good karma and lots of support as we take on the Nightmare on 95 to get our golden ticket to nationals!

Contributed by Pretty Reckless


Pink Slip Prepares for Regionals

Posted on: Sep 14, 2011

The Carolina Rollergirl All-Stars are headed to Baltimore this weekend for WFTDA’s East Region Playoffs. What does it take to get ready for playoffs after the team has put in the hours of hard work, dedication and training? Pink Slip shows us what the days leading up to the tournament are like for her.

It’s just two days before the tournament starts on Friday, September 16. I’m very excited and I think the rest of the All-Stars share my feelings. This afternoon my teammate, Sue Yu, sent her productivity graph for this week.

Even while we are at work, our brains are buzzing, going crazy thinking about how much awesome derby is going to happen for three days in a row. There is so much to coordinate and plan when traveling with about 20 people. All through the day I’ve been thinking about the preparations I need to make before I leave for Baltimore on Thursday.

First there is that very important stuff…the things I need to play derby.

I like to air out my skate pads after practice, but when you are at a tournament, often this luxury is not possible. Let me tell you, there is nothing like putting on pads that are still wet from the day before. I shudder at the thought.

It takes more than skates, pads and a mouth guard to play derby. There is the all-important uniform, special socks and other stuff that a skater must have for derby.

Something is missing there. The red shorts to go with the white jersey. Well, don’t worry, they are in the wash.

And you can’t put these things in any old luggage. During a derby travel weekend, a roller girl will be all over the place with her stuff. A six hour car ride, then a hotel, then to the venue, then off to run some crazy errand, maybe a taxi or a shuttle gets involved…airplanes, too. Don’t get me started on taking skates on a plane! A smart skater will pack light and in a way that will let her carry everything at once. I go with my tried and true trusty backpack. It’s been to Japan and back!

But the most important travel tool of all is good old Fanny Pack. Maybe you’re wondering why so many roller girls have taken a shining to these small belt-like bags. One reason is that most derby uniforms don’t have pockets. And roller girls are always on the move. They need things attached to them or they might lose them. Running through airport terminals, keeping track of all your teammates in a big venue and dancing after the game are all made easier when your stuff is attached and hands-free. It’s also conveniently located for access to your stuff. So far I’ve never lost in a fanny pack quick draw. For these reasons and more, while on the road, I have to convert my purse to something more hip-centric.

The truth is, we may never know what’s in Holly Wanna Crackya’s fanny pack, but I’ll show you what I carry.

Since this year we are able to drive to playoffs, Lady Smackbeth (aka Coach Kelly Hurd), my coach and roommate for the weekend, pointed out we can travel with food. The plan is to bring as much food as we can. Our hotel room is going to look like a grocery store, and it’s going to be awesome!

Here are just some of the groceries that will keep us fueled.

Just like I learned in my Girl Scout days, I’m prepared. The team is prepared. Let’s do this! Oh, two more days? Dang.

That’s right, the Carolina Rollergirls will be going head to head with the London Rollergirls Friday at noon. To watch all of the Eastern Regionals action, log on to for more information and details!

Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles

Posted on: Aug 24, 2011

Your Carolina Rollergirls have been busy the last few weeks! August has been filled with away game keeping us from our amazing home town fans. So what exactly have we been doing?


The weekend of August 13 found the Carolina Rollergirls making the long drive to Nashville, TN where the #19 Carolina All-Stars took on the #25 Music City All-Stars and the Carolina Bootleggers played against the Nashville Brawl-Stars.  Playing in the opening game the Boots showed the Brawl-Stars how the dance was danced with a tight but defined 11 point win.  Overcoming unexpected roster changes, the Boots showcased their outstanding team work, great blocking and wicked strong jamming skills bringing home a final score of CRG 118 – Brawl-Stars 107; 2W – 2L this season.  Way to go Bootleggers!

After cheering on the Bootleggers, the Carolina Rollergirls All-Stars began their own game with the Music City All-Stars. Displaying their usual gusto the All-Stars took charge early and went into half time with a 31 point lead; CRG 87 – Music City 56. Starting the second half with a power jam the Carolina All-Stars maintained their lead for 46 minutes of the game. With 14 minutes to go the lead changed in favor of Nashville. Despite their hard work and killer derby skills the game ended with Carolina’s only loss of the season.  Final score CRG 112 / Nashville 143 bringing the Carolina season to 12W – 1L.
Pics of the All-Star bout here.

Photo by Chris Wage


On Sunday the Carolina Rollergirls All-Stars had a hangover bout with the Memphis Hustlin’ Rollers. Not to be held back by Saturday’s loss, CRG established and held onto a strong 20 point lead after the second jam. The numbers got higher with each jam and half-time rolled around with a score of 122 – 30 CRG. The All-Stars didn’t hold back in the second half and though Memphis played hard, CRG won the game. Final score of CRG 250 – Memphis 58 bringing Carolina’s season to 13W – 1L.



A scant seven days after their travels to Tennessee the Carolina All-Stars made their way North to Baltimore to play un-ranked Madison Mad Rollin’ Dolls in another Sunday hangover bout. Taking advantage of the opportunity to watch a game as spectators, the Carolina skaters were able to take in #12 Charm City versus Madison (Charm City won 250 – 96). Sunday’s hangover bout was a closed bout so only those that were there know what happened in detail but the final outcome was CRG 189 – Madison 121. Holy cow, I wish I could’ve seen that action. The Madison game brought CRG’s season to 14W – 1L.

Home Game!?!

All this time away from Raleigh has left the Carolina Rollergirls hungry for some quality time with our home crowd. Join us on September 3 at Dorton Arena to see Carolina take on old rival Atlanta. Doors open at 2:30 and the first event,  Tai Chi-tahs v. Atlanta Rumble Bees, starts at 3pm. The main event, Carolina All-Stars v. Atanta’s All-Stars, game starts at 5pm.
Tickets are $11 in advance and $14 at the door.
Get your advance tickets here, at one of these locations: Bull City Records (Durham), Cameron’s (Chapel Hill), Ornamentea (Downtown Raleigh), Schoolkids Records (NCSU Area), Vertical Urge (N. Raleigh), OR from your friendly rollergirl!

Contributed by Dot Bomber

CRG Takes On A Special Project

Posted on: Aug 18, 2011

If you have been in the CRG family for awhile, you might remember that Sheeza Freak and Hot Mess Express helped coach the Wake County Special Olympics rollerskating team last season. The program was such a success and our skaters had such a positive experience that these ladies have signed up to help lead the team for another season. Practices will be held at the Skate Ranch and begin in September. Contact Brian Philpot at if you know a Special Olympian who would be interested in joining the team!

Last years Wake County team at Fall Tournament

But there is more! We are starting a BRAND NEW Special Olympics rollerskating team based out of Durham County this year! Hot Mess Express and Kelly Hurd will be coaching this team and practice will begin in September at Wheels Fun Park. Contact Kristen Randall at if you know a Durham Special Olympian who would make a great addition to this new team!

We are also still raising money to send our skaters Over The Edge for Special Olympics in October. Each participant must raise $1000 to be eligible to rappel off of the 30 story Wachovia building and a whopping 11 skaters and volunteers are trying to reach this goal! We are currently in second place as a team and have raised nearly $4000, but we still need help to get our team members over the edge. Visit our team page and donate to your favorite CRG and help raise money for a cause that is close to our hearts.


Why We Are Excited

Posted on: Aug 05, 2011

You may have noticed your favorite Carolina Rollergirl walking around with a big ridiculous smile plastered on her face and I am here to shed some light on the mystery.

We are excited!

Can you feel the excited in this pic? How about the ridiculous?

(Thanks to Coach Kelly Hurd for taking this lovely picture before practice. Check out more of her photography on her blog.)

Our All-Stars clawed out from under a losing record in 2010 (8-10) to begin this season with an unprecedented 12-0 record and sit comfortably at number 19 nationally according to DNN’s Power Rankings. But the fun is just beginning!

Next weekend begins a stretch of CRAZY travel for our entire league as we prepare for Eastern Regionals. We will travel to Nashville, TN next Saturday, August 13, where your Carolina Bootleggers will take on the Music City Brawl Stars followed by CRG All-Stars vs Music City All-Stars. And because we just love to play derby, the All-Stars take on the Memphis Hustlin’ Rollers before we head back home on Sunday. We will be sure to keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter.

The very next weekend (August 21st) the All-Stars head up to Baltimore, MD to play a hangover bout against the Mad Rollin’ Dolls of Madison, WI.

The weekend after THAT (are you tired yet? we aren’t!), the Bootleggers take a short trip Greensboro to challenge our good friends, the Gate City Rollergirls, on Sunday, August 28. Support your local roller derby and buy tickets here!

Just six days later, we head back to our favorite place on earth, Dorton Arena, for another home bout! On September 3rd we will host Atlanta as our CRG Tai Chi-tahs take on the Atlanta Rumble B’s at 3pm and our All-Stars compete against the Atlanta All-Stars at 5pm. Doors open at 2:30. Get your tickets here!

And for the grand finale of our crazy month, the CRG All-Stars will travel to Baltimore, MD on September 16 for the East Region Playoffs. And like any good tournament, we have a bracket!

We hope you guys are just as excited to be taking this crazy derby journey with us! Keep an eye online for updates while we are on the road and we will see you at Dorton on September 3rd!

Calling All Hungry Outlaws!

Posted on: Jul 26, 2011

If you could plan your perfect Sunday evening, I bet it would include good food, good beer, and good company. But can we do better than perfect? How about if that good food comes from Tir na nOg Irish Pub and has names like Smoked Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio and North Carolina Peach and Blackberry Cobbler and if the beer comes from Raleigh’s own Lonerider Brewery? And how about if the company is a bunch of Carolina Rollergirls in cowboy hats?

Well that is exactly what is happening THIS Sunday evening at 7pm at Tir na nOg! Lonerider Brewery (a fabulous new sponsor- have you tried Shotgun Betty on tap at Dorton? If not, you’re missing out!) has partnered with the Carolina Rollergirls and Tir na nOg to host a family style Hungry Outlaw Beer Dinner to feed all our hungry fans with scrumptious food, fabulous beer, and all the derby talk you can handle!

Roxy Rockett and Coach Heavy D with the night manager of Tir na nOg where we were treated like royalty at our 3rd annual Bar Crawl.

If you aren’t hungry/thirsty yet, just TRY not to drool when you read this menu:

First Course—Sundance Kid Pilsner
Smoked beef tenderloin carpaccio with a pilsner poached apple and frisee salad and parmesan crisp

Second Course—Bucking Bronco Kolsch ***Winner BIF III***
Cornbread casserole loaded with roasted pablano peppers, okra, charred red onions and kolsch poached shrimp and topped with a spicy honey and grilled tomato gravy

"I haven't met a Lonerider beer I DON'T like!! Peacemaker Pale Ale is ironically my favorite, as I'm no peacemaker but the ale does it's work." -KNOCKS

Third Course—Peacemaker Pale Ale
Peacemaker braised pork shoulder chili loaded with collards, rutabaga and black eyed peas served with homemade horseradish and black pepper crackers

Fourth Course—Sweet Josie Brown Ale
North Carolina peach and blackberry cobbler with a Sweet Josie caramel sauce and candied lemon zest.

Beer aficionados unfamiliar with Bucking Bronco Kolsch? That is because it is being released on Sunday, right on your dinner table!

Ready to commit to a Sunday evening of perfection? Well seats are limited and the price is right at only $32 per person for ALL the food and beer listed above PLUS quality time with your favorite ladies on skates! Just call Tir na nOg at 919.833.7795 to make sure you are one of the lucky ones.

For more information check out the event here or here or here. (It’s kind of a big deal.)

We'll see you there!

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