Personal Stats
Birthday: September 10
Height: 5'-5"
Weight: 140

Skate: Reidell 265, Atom "Juke" wheels

Cross Training: Strength w/ general conditioning & lots of push-ups!

Debut: Debutante Brawlers, TBA


Joined CRG: September 2011

Teams You've Played For: New to Carolina & drafted to the Debutante Brawlers for 2012. Played with Classic City Rollergirls in Athens, GA - Jan '08 to June '11.

Favorite Location: Anywhere I can play roller derby.

Favorite Surface: Tacky & fast.

How did you find derby?: I saw a recruiting flyer printed with the question, “Did you ever want to be a roller girl?” My first reaction was, “Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a roller girl!” That surprised my family but it is true. When I was a kid roller derby was on TV right before wrestling on Saturday mornings. My brother and I watched faithfully and in my heart I wished I could play roller derby someday. I was not good at most sports I tried and never considered myself an athlete. I could skate, but not very well. I only pushed with my right foot but I could go pretty fast. Roller derby kind of faded from the scene in the late 70s and I didn’t think about it much again until I saw that little flyer in 2006. I pinned it to my bulletin board and kept thinking I would try it out. I saw another ad in late 2007 and promised myself I’d give it a try. I went to Boot Camp in January of 2008 and totally loved it. I’ve been playing since then and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Sports Background: You could summarize most of my team sporting attempts as "fail," in general. I played some volleyball & softball in school and recreational leagues. I've also tried to play tennis. I liked downhill skiing when I lived in Colorado. As an adult I've enjoyed inline skating and road biking....and DERBY!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: We were doing a drill with each new skater paired with a more experienced skater (AKA "vet"). It was a whip drill involving the forward skater reaching back and pulling her partner ahead by transferring momentum via a swinging arm motion. It was all going great until I took a whip from a particularly powerful vet and went flying & tumbling off the track. I wasn't hurt and got up right away to try and save face. However, the floor burn on the top of my shoulder kind of gave away just how little I could control my skates (and the rest of my body) at that point.

Favorite Derby Memory: Getting my first team jersey with my name & number screened on the back. I was finally part of a real team, playing a real sport, and it felt awesome.

Likes: Family, nature, fitness, movies, and Diet Coke.

Dislikes: Eating liver and losing socks in the laundry.

Derby Heroes: The brave women & men who played roller derby "old school" and passed along the intensity & enthusiasm that are part of today's roller derby.

Name Inspiration: Inspired by my German heritage, I just messed with my actual name to create a hybrid pronunciation...so it sounds like wound-er...you know, someone inflicting wounds.

Food Before a Bout: I mostly try to avoid very spicy and very greasy foods.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I could really use a super power like Staying on Task.

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