Violet Femme

Violet Femme


Personal Stats
Birthday: May 3
Height: 5'-1-1/2
Weight: 115

Tie for Best Blocker, Best Jammer (tied once, once by myself)

Skate: Carrera boot, lightning plates

Debut: Expo Bout I (October 2004) Crimson Crushers


Joined CRG: May 2004

Teams You've Played For: Tai Chi-tahs, Carolina All-Stars, Trauma Queens, Debutante Brawlers, Crimson Crushers

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Celia Fate and Eva Lye whispering good things about me

Favorite Derby Memory: Winning Best Jammer

Likes: Amazing Women. Alcohol. Karaoke. DDR. Violence. Debauchery. Jumping on Beds.

Dislikes: Whiney beyotches

Name Inspiration: I like purple, violence, and being a chick

Food Before a Bout: Whatever

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