Sue Yu

Sue Yu


Personal Stats
Birthday: November 24
Height: 5'-5"
Weight: = mass x gravity


Skate: Riedell 595s

Cross Training: Mountain biking, running, APC.

Debut: Bootleggers v. Columbia Quad squad, June 2010


Joined CRG: January 2010

Teams You've Played For: All-Stars, Bootleggers, TQ's, Debs

Favorite Location: Dorton

Favorite Surface: I love a good wood floor

How did you find derby?: I was facebooking New Years day 2010 and noticed the CRG avatar. I had always meant to check out roller derby but never had, until this day. Tryouts were in one week, and I decided to give it a try, even though I had never seen a roller derby bout. I quickly refamiliarized myself with quad skates and made the team.

Sports Background: Played four years of college soccer, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Slapping hands with everyone after my first bout, especially the CRG skater section. Still an amazing feeling.

Favorite Derby Memory: There are already so many, but being cheered before the final jam during the Maine bout in Eastern Regionals was pretty cool. My jamming results weren't as uplifting, but it was still a fun moment in time.

Likes: Gatorade, coffee in bed, manual transmissions, heated car seats, the mountains, pretzels.

Dislikes: Alarm clocks, being cold, hangovers.

Derby Heroes: Jesse King, DVS, Roxy Rockett.

Name Inspiration: Occupational hazard.

Food Before a Bout: Whole foods salad

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