Steph Infection

Steph Infection

#17 - Raleigh Ruckus, Carolina Bootleggers

Personal Stats
Birthday: March 17
Height: 5'
Weight: n/a

2015, Rookie of the Year
2015, Best Name

Skate: Reidell Blue Streaks


Joined CRG: October 2014

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Raleigh Ruckus

Favorite Surface: Concrete!

How did you find derby?: My obsession with derby began in September of 2013. There was a bout at Dorton Arena. It.was.amazing! My husband told me I should try it out, but I was hesitant. I hadn't skated in years and had no idea how to play the game. It took me a year to finally get the courage to come to an open practice. I haven't looked back since!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When I finally passed my 27/5!

Favorite Derby Memory: My first bout at Dorton Arena. I was jamming and I was super nervous. Scaristotle paved the way for me and herded a whole wall of blockers to the outside of the track. I made my move, became lead jammer and scored the first points for the Bootleggers.

Likes: Dogs, Comfy Pants, Cupcakes, and Coffee.

Derby Heroes: Roxy Rockett, Scaristotle, Fleur de Tease, Ava Gore, Dot Bomber, and Bonnie Thunders.

Name Inspiration: I can't take credit for my name :) My husband came up with it.

Food Before a Bout: Carbs.

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