Sock Rae Blue

Sock Rae Blue

#84 - Chapel Thrillers

Personal Stats
Birthday: December 12
Height: 5'-6"
Weight: n/a

2014 Bootlegger Brickwall,
MVP Blocker (v. Greensboro, 10/2014)

Skate: Bont Hybrid Carbon boot with Mg Avenger plates.

Cross Training: I run, I swim, and I lift some weights. Oh, and LOTS of stretching.


Joined CRG: July 2012

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Chapel Thrillers, Debutante Brawlers, Rolling Blackouts (home team of Tilted Thunder Rail Birds)

How did you find derby?: I started playing derby when I was living in Seattle, and I happened upon it by accident. I was out at a happy hour one summer night in 2009 with my colleagues one night after work, when one of them started getting poked fun at for her bruises. Over the course of the night, it was revealed that she had just started learning to play roller derby and the league was looking for people. Intrigued, I went to the next info session and decided to join that night. I went and bought skates, pads, helmet, & mouthguard that weekend and went to my first practice about two weeks after first meeting someone who skated.

Sports Background: I played softball as a child, but quit when I got to those awkward middle school years.

Likes: Knitting, science, people who do what they say they're going to do, chocolate, learning new things, and water.

Dislikes: People who complain but don't take action to make a situation better, mushrooms, and ants.

Name Inspiration: My nickname in college was "Sock". I earned it after explaining how my last name is pronounced. When I joined derby I knew that my derby name would have to be something I answered to right away. After a lot of thinking I came up with Sock Rae Blue (a deliberate misspelling of the French "Sacrebleu").

Food Before a Bout: Yes.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Flying. It would make my commute SO MUCH BETTER.

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