Slingin’ Gritz

Slingin’ Gritz


Personal Stats
Birthday: November 18
Height: 5'-10"
Weight: 178

MVP Jammer Boots vs Palmetto,
Brute Boot,
MVP Blocker All Stars vs Cape Fear,
numerous awards for my previous league.

Skate: Really big ones.

Cross Training: Extreme Boot Camp at Clayton Fitness.

Debut: August 17, 2013 Carolina All-Stars vs. Ohio Roller Girls


Joined CRG: June 2013

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Raleigh Ruckus, Carolina Bootleggers, Debutante Brawlers, Team 151, NRV All-Stars since it was formed in 2012 til June 2013, NRV Bruisin' Burgs May 2008-2012

Favorite Location: Anywhere with a rowdy crowd.

Favorite Surface: Wood.

How did you find derby?: I was skating with my daughters at Adventure World in Christiansburg, VA, when I spotted a sign. "Interested in Roller Derby, call Shilo..." I had needed a more interesting way to exercise and keep off the 100+ lbs I had lost. Plus my husband was an owner operator truck driver that left me alone with 3 young kids most of the time. Enter roller derby and all my family gets to live to see another day!

Sports Background: Threw shot put and discus in high school. Marching band in high school and at Virginia Tech... yes I played and danced the Hokie Pokey, a lot!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: That was a long time and lots of hits ago! But I would have to say when I impressed my captain enough for her to compliment a hit of mine. She was hard on me and I believe it was to fuel me to get better. I did and it meant a lot to me!

Favorite Derby Memory: Too many to decide on just one. I have loved every minute of the last 5+ years and will continue adding wonderful moments here with CRG. But in recent memory, sending a CDD jammer airborn 4 times with hits until she just gave up trying to pass. That was crazy fun!

Likes: Roller Derby, Duh! Bootcamp workouts, my kids, Cleveland Browns, and my other fun sport, pro wrestling as Derby Girl Jennifer Blaze.

Dislikes: Not playing roller derby, lazy people, and complaining.

Derby Heroes: My derby wife, Seam Stressed - NRV (she is 52 and still kicks butt on the track!!!) Yankee - NRV (one of my favorite people to skate with ) Groper Cleavage - coach for Black Rose (the male version of me according to Betty Crasher)

Name Inspiration: It was Kiss My Grits but an LA Derby Doll stole it before my captain registered it. Since I was Grits for about 8 months, we needed a way to continue that. So Slingin' Gritz was chosen for the way I could sling my jammer with a whip. I still wear booty shorts with Kiss My Gritz on the back!

Food Before a Bout: Isagenix protein shake.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Already have Hulk strength...need a clone to get all my stuff done!

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