Shirley Temper

Shirley Temper


Personal Stats
Birthday: January 12
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: 100 lbs

Best Derby Name 2005, Li'l Miss Hothead 2007

Skate: Riedell 395, Size 5-1/2

Cross Training: Hand-to-mouth with a beer

Debut: Expo Bout I (September 2004)


Joined CRG: August 2004

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Debutante Brawlers, Trauma Queens (sub), Black Widows, Black Sabbath

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Favorite Surface: Anything but sport court. I hate sport court.

How did you find derby?: My friend wanted to meet girls and he asked me to join. (P.S. He did ... and now they're married.)

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Being thrown into an expo game a month after I joined.

Favorite Derby Memory: 1) Handing Texas their first loss; 2) Advancing in BOTH Nationals Tournament when no one else thought we would.

Likes: Being under-estimated

Dislikes: Mean people - they suck.

Derby Heroes: Teflon Donna <3, Zella Lugosi and Sparkle Plenty (TXRG)

Name Inspiration: My Temper

Food Before a Bout: Tempeh Sub

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