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Personal Stats
Birthday: September 15
Height: 5'-1"
Weight: 131

2010 - Individual Game Award - Best Jammer

Skate: Reidell 965s, 88/93 wheels, Bones Super Swiss Bearings.

Cross Training: I am the cheerleading coach at my school so I spend a lot of time doing stuff with my squad outside of derby.

Debut: Apocalypstic vs Toxic Shocks, Feb 2009


Joined CRG: October 2011

Teams You've Played For: Debutante Brawlers. Apocalystix, Denim Demons, and B-Team for Atlanta Rollergirls.

Favorite Location: I really like the beach.

Favorite Surface: Wood Floor.

How did you find derby?: I was just starting graduate school in Atlanta, GA and was gaining weight because I was finally in a situation where I didn't have an organized sport like dance, cheerleading, or colorguard to keep me fit. I loved skating when I was kid even though I was terrible at it for a long time. I had heard word of this roller derby thing so I decided to check it out. I started out as a jeerleader and after watching one game I knew the sidelines were not the right place for me.

Sports Background: I trained in ballet, tap, and jazz dance for nearly 20 years, did 7 years of gymnastics, was a cheerleader in highschool, and a member of the colorguard at Clemson University while I was in undergrad. I even played a season of church ball when I was 13.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Coming back with 2 or 3 weeks of meat training left after a partial tear of my PCL took me out for 6 weeks to pass assessments and get drafted on a team!

Favorite Derby Memory: The last game of my first season my captain told me that we needed to focus on team work and not big hits. She asked me to not go for the big hits that I loved to do. So, I honored her wish and worked more on strategy and less on big hits. The last jam of that game she told me that my only job was to knock the opposing team's jammer off the track. I gladly obliged and hit that jammer so hard she took out nearly every chair in the penalty box when she splattered across the floor. It was ruled a clean hit and I was so happy that I was able to take an assignment and complete it!

Likes: Derby, cats, video games, water parks.

Dislikes: Drama, injuries, housework.

Derby Heroes: Juju (Atlanta), my derby-wife Surfer Rosa (Atlanta), and my BFF Jenuine Pain (Greenville).

Name Inspiration: I couldn't come up with a nerdy science name to save my life. I was in graduate school for a masters in genetics....and I couldn't come up with something I liked. So, I've been drafted at this point and end up going out with my then boyfriend (now husband Freddy Chopin'!) and two good derby friends O-Jen and Swan. We are eating pizza and talking about me being drafted but having no name, and Swan, who has had his fair share of adult beverages, just blurts out: 'what about shEbola'. To which I say: 'That's it!'

Food Before a Bout: All of the carbs.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Not to be lame, but I would want to be able to fly. I am super scared of heights, specifically the danger of falling. So if I could fly, I think I wouldn't be so scared of it!

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