Roxy Rockett

Roxy Rockett


Personal Stats
Birthday: April 4
Height: 5'-2"
Weight: A healthy one

2004 Best Jammer; 2005 Spring- Best Jammer, MVP; 2005 Fall- Best Comeback From An Injury, MVP; 2006- Most Assists, MVP, Most Likely to Change Her Name To Her Derby Name, Crowd Favorite; 2008- Season Champions (debutante brawlers), Best Blocker, Most Assists, Crowd Favorite; 2009- a baby boy; 2010- Leader of The Pack; 2011- Leader of The Pack, Brick Award (stats award for preventing points being scored as a blocker).

Skate: Reidell 595s

Cross Training: Long walks off of short piers which turn into doggy paddling back to the shore.

Debut: Black Sabbaths (Oct 2004); Black Widows (Nov 2004); Debutante Brawler (April 2005)


Joined CRG: My first practice was in Feb 2004 but I wasn't able to fully commit until Sept 2004

Teams You've Played For: Black Sabbaths, Black Widows, Debutante Brawlers, Trauma Queens, Carolina Bootleggers, and Carolina All Stars.

Favorite Location: North Carolina.

Favorite Surface: Anything but carpet.

How did you find derby?: In 2003 I was at King's and Celia Fate came to me and handed me a flyer for a roller derby league she was starting up. I found my old skates and attended my first speed practice. My wheels were sooooo old (like 20+ years old) and they had NO grip whatsoever and I fell going around a turn. I remember thinking, "I need to get used to falling if I am going to play roller derby!" Soon after this practice I moved to Philly for a couple of months and when I returned home, I started attending regular practices.

Sports Background: I roller skated every Friday and Saturday night at Skate Town, which use to be off Glenwood Ave, from age 3 till age 14. I joined a speed team in 1987 but never competed or anything. When I went to high school I hung up my skates and put on my marching band uniform for a few years. Put my skates on every now and then from 1999-2003. Since 2004, I haven't taken them off!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I was never really a freshmeat, such a thing didn't really exist. But, I can tell you that every freshmeat has a moment and I am sure they are forever ingrained in their brains!

Favorite Derby Memory: Man-o-chevitz... I have forgotten more than you'll ever know.

Likes: My family, skating for fun, skating for non-fun, skating for some fun, skating for A LOT of fun, good craft beer, Lord of the Rings, Zelda, dancing, karaoke, watching people get better, watching people fall. Watching people at the state fair...

Dislikes: Bad drivers, drivers who drive in the left lane and go the speed limit, drivers who text, drivers who get onto the highway and immediately go to the left lane only to get off again 2 exits later, drivers that ride my bumper when I can't go any faster due to the slow left lane driver and the even slower driver in the next lane that doesn't have the common sense to just ease the gas a tiny bit so the traffic cluster can be untangled, drivers that brake too much on the highway, drivers that throw cigarette butts out the window, drivers that know a lane is about to end and they still stay in it just to be a douche, drivers that cut big rigs off and almost cause a huge pile up and people that begin every sentence with "I".

Derby Heroes: Skaters that attempt tryouts!

Name Inspiration: True story: I had a dream and the newscasters said "Roxy Rockett..." and so it was done. Rockett has 2 "T"s to honor my middle school crush, Rikki Rockett from Poison. Yeah, he's not so hot now.

Food Before a Bout: Neomonde's make your own platter with chicken salad, hummus, falfael and mjadarah. YUM!!!!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Make people become better... drivers.

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