Roxxy Slide

Roxxy Slide


Personal Stats
Birthday: June 5
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: n/a

2009 Best Sportswomanship, 2009 Most effective blocker for the Bootleggers

Skate: Riedell 965 with PowerDyne Triton plates

Cross Training: Bicycling, weight lifting & TRX, and occasional backpacking/hiking.

Debut: Trauma Queens vs Tai Chitahs, March 2008


Joined CRG: September 2007

Teams You've Played For: Debutante Brawlers, Carolina All-Stars, Trauma Queens, Carolina Bootleggers, Copper Queens (Tucson Roller Derby)

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Favorite Surface: Doesn't matter.

How did you find derby?: I had a friend from grad school who skated for Tucson at the time, Hard Anya. She encouraged me to tryout. I did so during the summer of a big exam when I really needed a distraction. It was the summer of evaluations. I passed tryouts, but I had tons of work ahead of me to develop my derby skills. I'm still working on that.

Sports Background: Swim team, Cross Country, Long distance track, Hiking, Backpacking.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: My purple helmet traveled to 2007 nationals with my doppelganger Lucy Lastkiss. CRG played Tucson in the first round and Lucy managed to trick a few people that she was me. Three months prior I had been a rookie in Tucson, but partially invisible, before I transferred to CRG. CRG won that one, so my helmet was lucky for at least that game!

Favorite Derby Memory: So many good ones!

Likes: Squats, challenging myself, math, fun stuff.

Dislikes: Meat (especially bacon), weakness, whiners.

Derby Heroes: Roxy Rockett, DVS, and so many others.

Name Inspiration: Roxxy Slide emerged from a rock slide in a copper mine in southern Arizona. The wrath and destruction has never stopped. Often I-40 between North Carolina and Tennessee is blocked by a rock slide. Roxxy Slide with the help of her teammates creates massive walls of rocks in the pack, making it impossible for the jammer to get though. Luckily, our jammers have no trouble since they can fly right over. So watch out for rock slides and pay attention to DOT warnings before venturing into the pack!

Food Before a Bout: Pasta, hummus wrap, bananas.

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