Reina Terror

Reina Terror


Personal Stats
Birthday: February 10
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: n/a

Rookie of the Year Ring City 2011
MVP Blocker Recession Aggression Richland County Regulators vs Ring City 2011
MVP Blocker Tomahawk Throw Down Camel City Thrashers vs Ring City 2012
MVP Blocker Ring City vs Onslow County Derby Dames 2012
MVP Blocker Ring City vs Kill Devil Derby Brigade 2012
2012 MVP Blocker & Penalty Box Queen Ring City End of Season Banquet Awards

Skate: Antik AR1. Avenger plates. wheels are usually grods but depends on the surface.

Cross Training: I love outdoor skating and anytime that I can spend at the gym is never a regret.


Joined CRG: September 2013

Teams You've Played For: Ring City Rollergirls

Favorite Location: Anywhere that I can be on my skates.

Favorite Surface: Wood floor.

How did you find derby?: Actually derby found me. Ring City had some very persistent recruiters who thought that I needed to come give derby a try. I agreed to come to one practice and still to this day I just can't get enough.

Sports Background: Volleyball, Softball, Basketball.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Finally mastering suicide stops without falling on my face!

Likes: Positivity, productivity and making the most of every moment.

Dislikes: People who say "I can't". Skaters who dismiss a drill or skill because they have the delusion that they are too good to do it. No matter how basic the thing is that you might be doing there is always a way to improve. If you're not challenging yourself to do better, execute it faster or be more aggressive... you will never know what you're capable of.

Derby Heroes: My teammates past and present.

Food Before a Bout: Usually nothing because my stomach is in knots.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? To close the mouths of people who can't open their minds. Your opinion is invalid :)

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