Razzbury Beretta

Razzbury Beretta


Personal Stats
Birthday: February 18
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: 140-ish

Skate: Riedell 265 Vandals

Cross Training: Gym, outside skating, running, kettlebell.


Joined CRG: January 2012

Teams You've Played For: Debutante Brawlers.

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch.

Favorite Surface: Concrete.

How did you find derby?: I started playing/learning derby in the Texas Rollergirls’ Recreational League in Austin, TX. I could barely skate when I started and learned a lot. I can’t wait to keep learning and skating as a Carolina Rollergirl!

Sports Background: I played softball in high school and played sports recreationally in college. Derby has been a great way to tap back into that competitive spirit!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I’m hoping there will be many more, but so far, it has been passing pack assessments and officially becoming a Carolina Rollergirl.

Favorite Derby Memory: Becoming a Carolina Rollergirl!

Likes: The constant challenges of roller derby, reading, writing, coffee, when people fall down.

Dislikes: Bad attitudes, lima beans, going to the grocery store.

Derby Heroes: Belle Starr (Texas Rollergirls), Kat A. Killzem (Texas Rollergirls), All of the amazing women of CRG.

Name Inspiration: I wanted something that evoked an ‘80s vibe. The unexpected side effect has been being constantly serenaded with “Raspberry Beret”!

Food Before a Bout: I haven’t played in an official bout yet, but I usually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some kind of fruit and peanut butter combo a couple of hours before practice.

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