Personal Stats
Birthday: August 11
Height: 5'-5"
Weight: 150

Skate: Antik AR-1 DA45 Magnesium Avenger plates

Cross Training: Crossfit Burn, running, weight lifting, horsebackriding.


Joined CRG: January 2013

Favorite Location: Jellybeans

Favorite Surface: Wood floor.

How did you find derby?: I won a ticket to see the San Diego Derby Dolls play at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA. I was very curious and when I saw them playing I got sooo excited I told one of the girls I was going to come to a practice the next day!!!

Sports Background: Rode and taught horseback riding through college, part of Raritan Valley Road Runners running team in NJ, Marine Corps combat fitness and martial arts program, skiing, currently a cross fitter!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: My first game was on the banked track at Del Mar fairgrounds and I was kinda overwhelmed by the crowd and looking for my friends, we were warming up and I was working with Dixie and she looked at me and said "Pay attention when I'm talking to you!!" I was like "yelp, yes ma'am!" and got my head back in the game.

Favorite Derby Memory: I was playing with San Diego Roller Derby in Bakersfield, CA against the Diamond Divas... we were really short on jammers, and my coach didn't normally let me jam because I had a tendency to do a lot of back blocking, but I had been working really hard to change this. I went in to jam and ended up putting up a huge powerjam and getting voted MVP!!! This was a pivotal point in my level of play

Likes: Watching great TV shows and movies, petting and caring for my Basenji babies, cheering for my teammates, hardwork.

Dislikes: Driving, cliques, favoritism, arrogance, poor sportsmanship, okra - yech, being slow.

Derby Heroes: ALL of my teammates and EVERY single skater I've skated with and currently skate with is a hero to me!!! The three that really influenced me however, to where i am TODAY are Lady Diesel (formerly San Diego Roller Derby Starlette, now plays for Angel City), B STANG (San Diego Roller Derby coach and mens team player for the San Diego Aftershocks), and Hockey Honey (um... you already know who she is ;)

Name Inspiration: I used to be Sookie Smackhouse taken from the main character on the HBO show True Blood, but there were ALOT of them SOOOO I chose another one of my favorite movies... Men in Black!!! I love the neuralizer and no one had the name so... I took it!!

Food Before a Bout: Yes.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I already do... I neuralize the competition into forgetting what just happened so they can't block me hehehe...

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