Mora Manipulator

Mora Manipulator


Personal Stats
Birthday: May 6th – Yep, I’m a Bull, baby! (Taurus)
Height: 5'-4.75"
Weight: Fluctuates A LOT!

MVP Boot for Bootleggers vs. NRV game October 2011

Skate: Riedell Minx 965 boot with Power Dyne Reactor Plates

Cross Training: Biking, running around after my tiny kids

Debut: Rose City Rollers League Season Opener January 2011


Joined CRG: February 2011

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Debutante Brawlers, Guns N Rollers (Rose City home team)

Favorite Location: On the track waiting for the girl I just hit out to come back in.

Favorite Surface: Anything I can skate on!

How did you find derby?: I told someone (jokingly) that I feel tough on skates and they mentioned the Rose City Rollers – I said, “WAIT, there is roller derby!? I got to do this!”

Sports Background: Just a general competitive spirit.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: All of it! Training and training (at least 15 hours a week), and competing for that spot to get on a home team…what a rush!

Favorite Derby Memory: My first game in front of 4,000 people, the lights the sounds and then months later seeing my name on the 20 person Carolina All-Star roster!

Likes: Hitting, hitting, jamming, hitting while jamming!

Dislikes: Bad Attitudes

Derby Heroes: Rhea Derange, White Flight, Mel Mangles, Soul Fearic Acid, Smack ya Sideways, (who all taught me skills as a Fresh Meat skater) Scald Eagle – My derby wife (who was right there with me during FM training) Bonnie Thunders (who inspires the future skater in me).

Name Inspiration: My friends said it just fit me.

Food Before a Bout: I don’t like to eat before a bout….something light HOURS before, maybe.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I would be able to control time!

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