Moong Chi

Moong Chi


Personal Stats
Birthday: March 2
Height: 5'-6"
Weight: just right

2011 Bootleggers Jammer of the Year

Skate: Ones that have wheels.

Cross Training: My job is enough cross training for now...

Debut: hmmmm...


Joined CRG: July 2010

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Tai Chi-tahs, Trauma Queens, Blue Ridge Roller Girls, Wham Bam Thank You Ma'ams, Candy Apple Razorblades.

Favorite Surface: Just say no to sport court.

How did you find derby?: As soon as I heard that Asheville was starting a derby league I went to the first meeting/open skate that I could get to...

Sports Background: I used to be a fruit booter (in line skating back in the day when it was cool...)

Best Fresh Meat Moment: In keeping this family friendly I better not say...

Likes: Dogs, making things, tiny plastic animals, quarter machines, the zoo.

Dislikes: Being injured/off skates.

Name Inspiration: I got my name from a beagle at a clinic I worked at. He was supposed to be a trouble maker (but he wasn't). My friend at the clinic and I decided we were the Moong Chi Clan and it stuck. I've been Moong Chi since 2003 so it only seemed appropriate to keep it for Derby.

Food Before a Bout: Coffee with Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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