Minnie Mauser

Minnie Mauser


Personal Stats
Birthday: May 28
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: 115

Cross Training: Weights, bicycle, whatever I can fit in.

Debut: Chitahs 2006


Joined CRG: February 2006

Teams You've Played For: Tai Chi-tahs, Debutante Brawlers, Trauma Queens, Bootleggers, All-Stars

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch

Favorite Surface: Sport court

How did you find derby?: I went to the ranch to see a game in 2005 and thought 'why am I not doing this?' It was like a bar fight on wheels and it was calling me.

Sports Background: I have no sports background. I kinda hate sports- except rugby.

Likes: Kung fu movies, eating, motorcycles.

Dislikes: Drama

Derby Heroes: Anyone who plays hard and fair.

Name Inspiration: The broomhandle Mauser is my favorite handgun, and I'm a little pistol.

Food Before a Bout: Yes.

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