Mallory Knocks

Mallory Knocks


Personal Stats
Birthday: June 10
Height: 5'-4"
Weight: 118

Skate: Reidell 595s, Witch docs, Atom Strokers, basically I like a really hard wheel.

Cross Training: Running & bourbon. I like the gym too, AND group drinking.....and then a little more running.

Debut: TQ's vs Tai Chitahs @ the Ranch, 2009


Joined CRG: Summer 2009

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, the Boots, TQ's, and I was a Deb in 2012 for the first time, also made a cameo appearance as a Chi-tah in 2011

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Favorite Surface: Anything smooth, flat and hard... not a fan of sport court.

How did you find derby?: A dear, dear friend of mine, whom I’d lost touch with for a while, got me to come check out a practice. In 2009 I was a marathon runner and loved endurance sports. When I shared with her that I used to speed skate as a young girl she was clearly enthusiastic about my considering CRG as a team sport. I came, I saw, I tried out, made the league… what a glorious day!!!!!! I am so proud to be a Carolina Rollergirl since that summer in 2009. Thank you Daisy Rage, you continue to be a great teammate, an inspiration to others, and most importantly my dear friend.

Sports Background: Haha, okay my big loud mouth was recognized when I made the cheerleading squad in elementary school and that continued for a while. Volleyball in high school, and I have always enjoyed running, but it wasn’t until 2005-2006 when I started running distance, completing my first full marathon in the beautiful city of New York in 2007.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: "V is for victory!" - You know it if you saw me as fresh meat.

Favorite Derby Memory: Well now I’ve collected a few. Jamming against Mordant who is all kinds of intimidating, but I got lead jammer and then screwed it up by not understanding my bench- hey it was like my second bout. More recently landing successful johnny crashes… it’s so hard not to smile when they go down. Coaching and Captaining the Bootleggers several times in 2011 and 2012 with some very satisfying wins. Our win against Nashville last year, WHAT a bout!! But the best was waking up to the 20 roster and seeing my name on it. There is NOTHING like the feeling of making the All-Stars.

Likes: Badassdom. People that can hold their liquor. People with a heart. Makers Mark.

Dislikes: Complainers, people that are socially inept, and folks that just can't keep their mouths shut. Cronick's feet, especially when they are near me. (You'd know if you saw those bad boys.) Ice or anything in my Makers Mark.

Derby Heroes: The ladies that paved the road before me, the CRG grannies, my big sista Fate for forming our league, and MOST OF ALL.... Daisy Rage.

Name Inspiration: My favorite Juliette Lewis role in one of my all time favorite movies. She played a psychopathic serial killer.

Food Before a Bout: Peanut butter, bananas and HONEY!!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Duh I'd be a ninja. I’d climb trees with my toes and turn invisible when necessary. Ninja’s drink Makers Mark right?

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