Mae B. Brawlin

Mae B. Brawlin


Personal Stats
Birthday: January 9
Height: 5'-2"
Weight: n/a

Skate: Antik MG-2 with avenger plates and a mix of low boys/strokers.

Cross Training: Gym, swimming, and anything outdoors.

Debut: Debutante Brawlers vs Trauma Queens, September 2013.


Joined CRG: July 2012

Teams You've Played For: Trauma Queens.

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena.

Favorite Surface: Wood floor.

How did you find derby?: I saw one of the rollergirls' car driving around Raleigh advertising the next Dorton bout, and went the Carolina Rollergirls website to check it out. I quickly fell in love with the sport and was determined to try out, regardless of the fact that I couldn't skate at all. After going to my first speed practice I was hooked, and kept coming back until I passed tryouts..

Sports Background: Swimming and Soccer in high school and Rugby in college.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Has to be wearing my wrist guards upside down to practice fore a few weeks before one of the veteran skaters pointed it out to me.

Favorite Derby Memory: The first time that I landed a hit on another skater that was hard enough for everyone else to notice.

Derby Heroes: Everyone that puts on a pair of skates to play the game, especially if they play for Carolina!

Name Inspiration: I wanted to have a derby name that was a real name, asked a few of the the other skaters, and was given Brawlynn after my middle name. It became Mae. B Brawlin' which seemed fitting because I like to hit.

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