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Lil Kill ‘Em


Personal Stats
Birthday: March 10th, 1990
Height: 5'-5"
Weight: n/a

Skate: Reidells


Joined CRG: July 2015

How did you find derby?: I used to speed skate all the time when i was younger but quit when i went to high school. I always missed skating, so when i found a bunch of badass grown women skating for fun i was totally hooked. I love skating and doing it with my teammates!

Sports Background: Was never really athletic except when I was in elementary school. I was a swimmer and skater. I recently found a love for being athletic by joining a softball team and rollerskating.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Was try-outs with my fellow freshmeat. We all supported each other and pushed each other to do well so we could pass. The assessors were also really supportive and caring which made a huge difference.

Favorite Derby Memory: My first bout. I loved watching the intensity of the game and hanging out with all the skaters.

Likes: Skating, Hip Hop, Swimming, Traveling, Hosting/Attending Parties

Dislikes: Broken right legs, people who are dismissive or rude to people, mushrooms, eggs, and fish.

Derby Heroes: Deanne T Krist, Shae D, JoJo Gaget, Ava Gore, Fanny Pack a Punch, and The Ish.

Name Inspiration: The one thing many people don't know at me is that love hip hop and the hip hop culture. It really throws people off when they get in my car, I turn it on, and some kind of rap or hip hop is playing quite loudly. When I was younger I jumped at the chance to wear a huge hoodie and a sideways baseball cap. I loved giant hoop earrings, apple bottom jeans, fur lined hooded jackets, along with many other things people associated with hip hop culture. These days you find me in dress pants and a nice top usually. But when I get the chance to dress up my first choice will to be a Gangsta!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Speed

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