Personal Stats
Birthday: US Pentagaon; Special Breeding Laboratory/Occupation: Trained Killer
Height: Tall enough to ride "all" the rides at Six Flags!
Weight: n/a

Golden Plate Award "Tooth Fairys Favorite" (Rogue)

Debut: Rogue vs Dominion - September 2008


Joined CRG: October 2009

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Tai Chi-tahs, Rogue Rollergirls

How did you find derby?: Local Sheriff said I needed to find another outlet!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Crashing and taking out the chairs in the Penalty Box.

Derby Heroes: Refs,Volunteers,Fans and Players

Name Inspiration: UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Veteran

Food Before a Bout: Carb/Protein Load

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