Krewesader Kate

Krewesader Kate


Personal Stats
Birthday: April 22
Height: 5'-6"
Weight: n/a

Skate: on the shelf

Cross Training: Using my mind to help run CRG!

Debut: Tai Chi-tah April 2006


Joined CRG: October 2005

Teams You've Played For: Tai Chi-tah, Bootlegger, All-Star, Debutante Brawler

Favorite Location: Dorton.

Favorite Surface: Concrete.

How did you find derby?: Faye Tallity convinced to participate in a practice. I had never skated before. I trained and practiced with the awesome women of CRG and started bouting soon after!

Sports Background: Very Limited sports background. Gymnastics, soccer, and tennis recreationally!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Debuting as part of the newly created Tai- Chi-tahs! We had equal parts AS's and fresh meat on our team to start the season.. and we had awesome chemistry and teamwork that lead to a season championship!

Favorite Derby Memory: It can't be limited to one. Being captain of the Chi-tahs and being part of the growth of the Bootleggers was more awesome than awesome!

Likes: Smiling and tattoos...sometimes both :)

Dislikes: Not getting my way...paperwork in derby.

Derby Heroes: Teflon Donna (Philly), Roxy Rockett, Zella Lugosi, Bloody Mary (Texas).

Name Inspiration: I attended Valparaiso University in Indiana. Their mascot is the Crusaders. My family is from New Orleans and I love Mardi Gras! Thus the Krewesader Kate! but you can call me Krewe.

Food Before a Bout: Nothing to make my tummy feel funny.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? The ability to make all travel free and to pay all our volunteers in the Derby community! (Refs of course!)

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