Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express


Personal Stats
Birthday: May 6, 1982
Height: 5'-1"
Weight: 123

Brute Boot for my Bootleggers debut against Philly on 8/21/10, Brain Boot for Boots vs Greensboro 10/11

Skate: I am madly in love with my Riedell 595s and Avenger plates. We had a rocky start, but I think we are in this for the long haul now.

Cross Training: I love running, biking, outdoor skating, racquetball, and frolicking in the park.

Debut: Trauma Queens vs Debutante Brawlers (July 11, 2010)


Joined CRG: January 2010

Teams You've Played For: All of em! My blood will always run Trauma Queen blue tho...

Favorite Location: Landmark Tavern. Oh wait, do you mean to skate?

Favorite Surface: Sport Court

How did you find derby?: I was trying to go to drag bingo but I got lost and ended up at Dorton- true story!

Sports Background: I ran track and played softball- I was horrible at both :)

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When I stepped up to the jammer line in my very first bout and the crowd went crazy- I felt like a rock star!

Favorite Derby Memory: Traveling with my team to 2011 Regionals

Likes: Blogging, skating fast, hard workers, animals, and Cabbage Patch Kids

Dislikes: Crybabies, excessively stinky pads, chocolate

Derby Heroes: Jesse King, DVS, Daisy Rage, and Bianca O'Blivion- they showed me the ropes and taught me to work hard for what I want. Joy Collision and Bonnie Thunders aren't too shabby either :)

Name Inspiration: Elektra Q Tion gave it to me

Food Before a Bout: Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar- they make great gifts, just saying...

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I would snap my fingers and make pizza appear!

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