Grim Carrey

Grim Carrey

#33 - Durham Crash, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: I'm an Aries.
Height: 5'-9"
Weight: 19 Gallons

2013 Most Improved Skater
2013 Queen Bee Award x 2
2013 Best Boutfits
2014 Most Improved Skater
2014 Best Makeup

Skate: Blue Streak Boots w/ Crazy Venus Plates & Tile Biters.

Cross Training: Running from zombies. Competitive sauerkraut and pickle eating contests.

Debut: Bootleggers vs. Palmetto State, August 2013


Joined CRG: July 2012

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Rollergirls All-Stars, Durham Crash, Carolina Bootleggers, Trauma Queens

Favorite Location: Anywhere I can skate, really. As long as it isn't ice skating. I hate ice skating. I felt the need to clarify.

Favorite Surface: Wood Floor

How did you find derby?: I was sitting around one day perusing Netflix and saw Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers on the front page. I was like huh... why not? So I watched it and was completely enamored with it. I had skated when I was younger at Jellybeans every Friday in middle school but quit skating because I was "too old" and was under the impression there was nothing else to do with skating besides going around in an oval under disco lights. At this point I remembered seeing a poster for Carolina Rollergirls at a Breugger's Bagels. So I typed it in Google and found out that they actually had a bootcamp THAT SATURDAY. Quite the coincidence! It was fate. I had no gear, not much experience, and went to check it out. I have been practicing and training ever since -- and that was in November 2011!

Sports Background: Competitive ballroom dancing. Also, extreme sitting -- gotta love office jobs, right?!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: The texas drill during one of the times I was trying out to be fresh meat. I realized how much I REALLY wanted to do this derby thing. I could not successfully turn around toe stop at this point, but I kept trying. I skated as hard and fast as I could and tried to stop every time. I fell EVERY TIME. But I kept going until it was over. I really messed up my knee from that, though. GET GOOD GEAR WHEN YOU START -- that's when you need it most!

Favorite Derby Memory: Finally making the team! I did not finalize my name until then. I wanted to legitimately be a part of the team and feel like I had to earn the right to my name. It felt pretty epic once someone on the track in scrimmage finally called me GRIM. I may have been a little ecstatic. I was called "blue hair" for the longest time (among MANY other interesting nicknames). That, and also when I finally got my game jerseys and got them printed with my name and number on them. It was a big deal. I slept in my jerseys for a few days out of pure excitement. I mean... yeah it was cool, I guess.

Likes: I enjoy skating with Jim Carrey under rainbow skies while wearing pencil skirts and discussing batman villains. Puns. Black lipstick. I also enjoy dying my hair while I drink coffee and eat thick-cut bacon. I am a superior multi-tasker. Also, Miley Cyrus. Get at me. Chameleons & rainbows. Combat boots.

Dislikes: Waking up early. Migraines. Decaf coffee. Ghosts. Ill-fitting pants. Giving up.

Derby Heroes: MASTER BLASTER!!! Also - anyone who pushes themselves to be their best, realizes that they can always improve, and has HEART.

Name Inspiration: I love Jim Carrey. Always have. Grim sounds similar to Jim. Also, it is a juxtaposition of being out-there and funny but also having an underlying dark side. I like what the word Grim means: Fierce in disposition or action – unflinching, unyielding and ghastly, repellent, or sinister in character. This is why I chose to go with Grim and not Grimm (while I love the fairy tales that is not my intended association). And with it being a knock-off of his name, it gives me an excuse to act ridiculous.

Food Before a Bout: Bulletproof Coffee -- go ahead, look it up! You will probably think it is disgusting.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Shape-shifter.

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