Ginger Clobbers

Ginger Clobbers

#86 - Chapel Thrillers, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: September 7
Height: 5'-4"
Weight: 150

2013 Good Girl

Skate: Reidell 495 boots, Avenger plates. Wheel preferences: Rollerbones Turbos, Backspin Mayhems, Radar Tile Biters

Cross Training: Eliptical machine, interval training, Pilates, Ballet Burn, Bosu ball, HIIT

Debut: Caroina Bootleggers vs Dixie Derby Girls, November 2009.


Joined CRG: July 2009

Teams You've Played For: CRG All-stars, CRG Bootleggers, CRG Chapel Thrillers, CRG Trauma Queens, CRG Debutaunt Brawlers, Team NC Allstars, Team 151

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena.

Favorite Surface: Concrete

How did you find derby?: I was first introduced by my good friend Ky Pothesis, who invited me to a Trauma Queens vs. Chitahs game in 2008. I toyed with the idea of trying out. But it wasn't until I reconnected with my old friend from figure skating, Kelly Hurd (she told me I'd love derby!) that I finally made the decision to try out in July of 2009. And she was right, I am hooked.

Sports Background: Many years of competitive figure skating and dance, cross country and track in high school

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I wore thin tights to my level one assessments. When I did my first baseball slide on the wooden floor of the Skate Ranch, the tights ripped and the sound of my bare skin sliding on the wood echoed in the rink. I ended up with a terrible case of rink rash (I still have a faint scar), and it was a valuable lesson to properly cover my legs while skating.

Favorite Derby Memory: My first All-Star game was pretty memorable. I had just made the 20-person interleague roster, so I was incredibly excited to make the All-Star 14-person roster vs DC (2011 home game) as an alternate. A skater was unable to play so I got moved up. I went into the game fully expecting to ride the bench (and was happy to do it!). During the first half Coach Kelly Hurd handed me the jammer star, and I went out there and actually scored points on DC! I jammed several times that game and did pretty well for a rookie. And we won the game! It motivated me to stay on the All-Star 14, and I worked hard to make that happen. Rose City winning the Hydra in 2015

Likes: Wine, dogs, cats, road trips with teammates, good food, quality time with my husband, crafting, working out

Dislikes: Not having time for myself, large crowds

Derby Heroes: Loren Mutch, Lexi Lightspeed, Scald Eagle, Smarty Pants, Carmen Getsome, Little A, Stephanie Mainey, Hauss the Boss

Name Inspiration: It took me forever to come up with a name that wasn't taken. I wanted a name that referred to my red hair, so Ginger made sense. I played around with different combinations. I finally went with Ginger Clobbers, vaguely based on Ginger Rogers.

Food Before a Bout: Sour Patch Kids

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Telekinesis

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