Fleur de Tease _ no headshot yet

Fleur de Tease

#55 - Raleigh Ruckus, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a

Skate: Antiks boot with Arius plates and Rollerbones Turbo wheels

Cross Training: Trail/speed skating, swimming, and Roller Derby Athletics videos


Joined CRG: May 2015

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Diamond State Roller Derby

Favorite Surface: Concrete

Sports Background: Swimmer

Best Fresh Meat Moment: What a blur! I think being allowed to play in open scrimmages with high level teams and players(men and women).

Favorite Derby Memory: Going to NEDC (Northeast Derby Convention) and learning sooooo much.

Likes: Pepper the cat, traveling, laughing, Mexican food, finding pennies for good luck, vitamins, camping....oh and JuiceBox

Dislikes: Small talk, people who eat spaghetti on the train, bros, eye contact....oh and JuiceBox

Name Inspiration: It's a play off of the cultural emblem 'fleur de lis'

Food Before a Bout: water, honey, fruit and a larabar

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