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Feelin’ Froggy


Personal Stats
Birthday: December 21
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 183

Skate: Reidell R# with PowerDyne Nylon with metal trucks and Atom Poison Slim 62mm Wheels.

Cross Training: Cross Training, Zumba, Swimming and Atheletic Performance Center (APC).


Joined CRG: January 2012

Teams You've Played For: Trauma Queens,Fayetteville Rogue Rollergirls, and Ring City Rollergirls

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch

Favorite Surface: It doesn't matter to me...I just like to skate.

How did you find derby?: Skating at the Eutaw Skating Rink in Fayetteville, NC a young lady appoached me and asked if I was interested in joining a derby team. I asked her " what is a derby team?" She told me it was a contact sport on skates. I knew this was the sport for me. I went to my first practice and met my coach, Bull Lee, in 2005. From then on is history. Roller Derby is a sport that builds confidence, team work and most of all great friendships!!! I am so happy Roller Derby found me.

Sports Background: Track and Volleyball.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When I started out with Rogue Rollergirls Bull Lee would begin with stretching before every practice and everytime she did the cat and cow stretch I would MEOW and MOO.

Favorite Derby Memory: When I skated with Ring City Rollergirls my last offical bout with them I recieved MVP Jammer and my team gave me a FROGGY cake with a t-shirt with all thier names on it for my farwell bout. I love those Chicks!!!

Likes: SKATING, MEXICAN FOOD, fruits, veggies and Pop Rocks.


Derby Heroes: Roxy Rockett, JoJo Gadget, Elektra Q-Tion, Holly Wanna Crackya.

Name Inspiration: As a child I was picked on and my father always told me to stick up for myself. So as I got older the bullies would always say "If you feelin' froggy,... then leap", but I'm no bully. So now that I'm older, I always stand up for myself and others around me, which makes me always and forever...FEELIN' FROGGY.

Food Before a Bout: I normally don't eat anything right before a bout, but when I really need a power up I wait for Noel Kat Napper Wheeler to bring me some Cheez-Its.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I wish I had Genie powers...but I don't want to be stuck in a bottle or a lamp.

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