Eris Discordia

Eris Discordia


Personal Stats
Birthday: April 5
Height: 5'-0"
Weight: 110 lbs.

2006 Rookie of the Year - Best Attendance 2010 Crowd Favorite - Favorite Good Girl - Best Sportsmanship - Best Jammer (All-Stars) 2011 Best Sportsmanship

Skate: hmm...old ones.

Cross Training: Marathons, cycling, unicorn wrestling, extreme bread-making, playing who-can-scream-louder, farting rainbows, hard laughing.

Debut: Subbing for an injured Faye Tallity on the Trauma Queens, April 2006.


Joined CRG: October 2005

Teams You've Played For: All of them in one way or another, also DC All-Stars and Secretaires of Hate.

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch 4-Evar.

Favorite Surface: Skate Ranch floor, of course.

How did you find derby?: A friend sent me an online flyer back when "the" social network was, saying she thought I would be interested. I went to a game and had one lone thought: I WANT TO DO THAT. I went to a rollergirl recruiting party a few weeks later and met Eva Lye; the rest is history.

Sports Background: I ran a little track in middle school.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: The first time I was in scrimmage. All I knew was that I was going to hit the xoxo out of people. That was the objective. When the first whistle blew, before we even started moving, I just started hitting everyone around me. I have no idea if they were on my team or not.

Favorite Derby Memory: There are so many fantastic memories, it's hard to choose a favorite. Maybe going to Seattle for the first time to play at Bumbershoot. I'd never skated in a place as big as Key Arena. More than this, though, I have fantastic memories with my derby sisters doing non-derby things...those are some of the best...but they're secret missions...

Likes: Good writers, poetry, resourcefulness, thought-provoking conversations, Jesus, music, friends, laughing.

Dislikes: Negativity, stubbornness.

Derby Heroes: I kinda think heros are a bad idea. I would love to be as brilliant and outspoken as Roxy Rockett, as committed as Kitty Crowbar, as resourceful and giving as Chad the Destroyer, as easy going and fun as Deviled Legs, as creative as Eva Lye, as silly as Celia Fate, as wise as Daisy Rage, as tough as MC Fyte, as crazy as Penelope Bruz, have sprints like Elka Meano, as tenacious as Hotmess, and have the integrity and ass of Mordant. Really, the list could go on and on...I admire so many people in our league, everyone.

Name Inspiration: I like nonsense and silliness.

Food Before a Bout: It doesn't really matter. No nuts...Go figure.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Time bender. That's me.

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