Personal Stats
Birthday: May 10
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: 145

Cleanest Game, MVP

Skate: reidell 695s

Cross Training: APC, Gym, playtime at the park

Debut: TQ's vs Tai Chi Tahs, May 2006


Joined CRG: January 2006

Teams You've Played For: Trauma Queens CRG All-Stars

Favorite Location: Dorton

Favorite Surface: Concrete

How did you find derby?: I was searching for something to do outside of working after college and came across the Carolina Rollergirls website. I thought roller derby seemed like something I'd really enjoy so I showed up. There weren't try outs back then so I started attending practices and training for assessments!

Sports Background: I played volleyball in middle and high school.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Gah, I just can't think of one thing! Everything as a fresh meat is so new and exciting! But definitely passing assessments and becoming team eligible.

Favorite Derby Memory: Making my first all-star roster and going to VEGAS!

Likes: Speed practice, APC, training, Killy Crowbar, coffee, food, karoke, reading, saving lives.

Dislikes: Bad food, constipation, talented karoke singers, excuses, dieting.

Derby Heroes: The CRG gals that helped me started: Kitty Crowbar, Roxy Rockett, Violet Femme, Teflon Donna, and Fanta-C to name a few.

Name Inspiration: Roxy Rockett told me my weekend homework was a get a name and make it short so it's easy to put on a shirt. I told my family this and my brother-in-law picked the name.

Food Before a Bout: I like food. Sandwiches, pasta, chocolate chip cookies

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I think I'd need to be Captain Metabolism or something like that so I could eat all the food I want and not gain weight!

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