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Doomsday Addams

#n/a - Fresh Meat

Personal Stats
Birthday: December 13
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: n/a

Skate: Ridell Carrera Speed Skates

Cross Training: I love to rock climb, mainly top roping but sometimes I am in the mood for some bouldering. Me and running have a pretty strong love hate relationship, but it still happens. I have also just started weight lifting, still a bit of a noob.


Joined CRG: July 2015

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers

Favorite Surface: Concrete hands down but not the uber slippery kind.

How did you find derby?: I was looking for a new activity to join where I could meet new people and get a good workout. I had originally found out about CRG when I first went to college but was under the age limit so didn't tryout. Five years later I was on meetup looking for some groups to join and found CRG again, I decided it would be great to try it out. I came to practice and loved it. The other skaters were so welcoming and helpful. It definitely helped me decide this was the sport for me.

Sports Background: In high school, I mainly did short distance running and high jump. A little skating experience too. Then in college I got really into rock climbing, some Latin dance and yoga. Now I am have combined all my past activities now including roller derby.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Too many to count, I really love the fresh meat group that I was in. Everyone was super supportive and I adore them.

Favorite Derby Memory: Probably my first game, I love jamming and I got to jam a good amount of the game. All I really wanted to do was go fast and score points and that's pretty much what happened.

Likes: Desserts, all of them! Animals especially cats. Going really fast. Latin dancing. Horror movies. Harry Potter. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Basically all nerdy things.

Dislikes: Stout beers. Carrots and Celery (especially celery). Mint because i am super allergic. Blisters, mainly from roller derby. Cockroaches then jump or run towards you. Thunderstorms. Also any more in which an animal get hurts or injured (gotta check that Does the dog die website before any movie.)

Name Inspiration: Wednesday Addams! But I have also realized it sound amazing when someone is trying to get my attention and yells "DOOOOOOMMMM!"

Food Before a Bout: I actually usually end of forgetting to eat before a bout. But when I remember its usually desserts...

If you could have any super power, what would it be? The power to bring all cats in a 20 miles radius to me and talk to them. So I can have a kitten army.

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