Deviled Legs

Deviled Legs


Personal Stats
Birthday: July 28th
Height: 5'-11"
Weight: n/a

Most Jammer Knockdowns 2008

Skate: Riedell 265

Cross Training: You bet! I run, lift weights and do other cardio at the gym regularly. I love the core-strengthening/yoga workout that Dr. Outten (our League Chiropractor) endorses.

Debut: April 2007


Joined CRG: December 2006

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Debutante Brawlers, Tai Chi-tahs, Carolina Bootleggers, Glamazons, Team WTF, and Team Change-our-Name

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch or Dorton Arena - I'm a home court kinda girl.

How did you find derby?: Chad the Destroyer thought I'd enjoy it. We'd been friends for 9+ years when he got involved with CRG as a volunteer. I'd been a jock growing up, so sports grab my attention. Once I saw flat track roller derby, I knew it was for me!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Making new friends! Shout outs to my derby classmates Holly WannaCrackya and Red Mojo!

Favorite Derby Memory: Keg Stands, Pub Crawls, Hanging out in Airports, the Karoke, after parties, dance parties, spooning and dog piles.

Likes: Muscles, fishnets, big hits, big smiles, and good sportsmanship

Dislikes: Gossip & revenge-hits

Derby Heroes: Too many to name! Some favorites: Celia Fate, the obvious choice as she founded the Carolina Rollergirls in 2004, Princess America, Holly WannaCrackya, MC Fyte (2 knee surgeries and she's still dropping bodies) and Suzy Hotrod.

Name Inspiration: Have you seen these gams? Legs for days!

Food Before a Bout: Coffee in the morning, fruit and peanut butter

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