Daisy Rage

Daisy Rage


Personal Stats
Birthday: June 5, 1969
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: 165


Skate: Reidell 265

Cross Training: nopers

Debut: The Round Robin for Meals on Wheels, January 21, 2007


Joined CRG: July 2006

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Trauma Queens

Favorite Location: Sport Court

Favorite Surface: Sport Court

How did you find derby?: Wanted to do something besides watch TV and surf the net. This is the most consistent fun I've had in my adult life, I have made some fantastic friends, and have learned to push myself and trust my strength.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Being picked for the TQs

Favorite Derby Memory: ECE 2007. That was the best!

Likes: Honesty and communication

Dislikes: Having to guess what people are thinking

Derby Heroes: All of the TQs, they are amazing.

Name Inspiration: I like Daisies and I'm pretty mad.

Food Before a Bout: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

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