Critical Erin

Critical Erin

#AK-47 - Raleigh Ruckus, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: March 18
Height: 5'-6"
Weight: 0.07 metric tons

Skate: Riedell She-Devil

Cross Training: Weight training, thumb wrestling, cardio, and biking.


Joined CRG: January 2014

Teams You've Played For: Raleigh Ruckus, Carolina Bootleggers, and Rodeo City Posse.

Favorite Location: In the streets.

Favorite Surface: Wood & Pavement.

How did you find derby?: I had wanted to join derby since hearing about Rose City Rollergirls (Portland, OR) around 06 or 07. I lived in the middle of nowhere, so I figured I would not get to play for a long time. When I was in college, I stumbled into an ad in search for a logo designer for a team starting up in my town - the Rodeo City Rollergirls (Ellensburg, WA). I was so excited that I emailed immediately and went to the practice held the next day. The league was brand new, so I was an original skater for 3 seasons. I have had some rough patches in my life over the last few years playing derby that I would not have made through without this amazing sport. It has changed my life.

Sports Background: Soccer, cross country, and softball.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Scrimmaging Rat City's Grave Danger. Rodeo City invited Grave Danger over in the first season to scrimmage us. It was horribly terrifying at the time and enlightening at the same time.

Favorite Derby Memory: There are too many to choose from! From kicking butt unexpectedly my first season, to road trips, workshops, scrimmages and bouts, every derby memory is my favorite memory. I did get to skate with Demanda Riot at a Bay Area practice and it was fantastic. I look forward to creating so many more!

Likes: Live music, street skating, and shenanigans.

Dislikes: Jerks, your mom.

Derby Heroes: Demanda Riot.

Name Inspiration: I always thought the name was fitting because I am a little clumsy and seem a little unsuspecting.

Food Before a Bout: Whatever is in the fridge.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Flight. Derby would be super awesome if I could fly.

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