Concrete Connie

Concrete Connie


Personal Stats
Birthday: November 23
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: Nope

Honorary Seamstress for the Debs 06'

Skate: Riedells

Debut: 2005 - Trauma Queens.


Joined CRG: 2005 first time, 2008 this time

Teams You've Played For: Trauma Queens, Debutante Brawlers, Tai Chi-tahs

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch

Favorite Surface: Wood

Best Fresh Meat Moment: After months of being a newbie, being picked for a team.

Likes: Friendly, kind folks, playing by the rules.

Dislikes: Ego trips, bad attitudes, and cheating.

Name Inspiration: I was Concrete Blondie because I like the band Concrete Blonde.

Food Before a Bout: Anything from Neomonde's, I love tabouli and hummus!

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