Celia Fate

Celia Fate


Personal Stats
Birthday: Year of the Ox
Height: One should strive to have form so low, scarcely a shadow may slip underneath
Weight: With subtle formlessness, one becomes the director of an opponent's fate


Skate: 395s with single action XK4s, stolen from the back of a pink pickup truck

Cross Training: Weight training, biking, pilates, kung fu fighting

Debut: CRG Expo Bout I (October 2004)


Joined CRG: August 2, 2003 - it became a kicking child in my stomach

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Tai Chi-tahs, Crimson Crushers

Favorite Location: Skatepark/downtown/parking decks/shadows

Favorite Surface: Bowls, fallen pink & blue jammers

How did you find derby?: Well, I was in Texas, I saw this bout...oh hell, I just had to hit it.

Sports Background: ---

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I just like followin my captains around like a cub-struck ninja.

Favorite Derby Memory: Seeing all the fans at Dorton Arena during the Texas & Kansas City games holding their breaths on every point scored, watching them move in unison - dodging imagined hits because they don't realize how intensely they're following the game, and jumping out of their seats to cheer Carolina on in the final close jams.

Likes: Skill, passion, mentoring, speed.

Dislikes: Derby pin-ups with big mouths and small hits.

Derby Heroes: Chola, Eris Discordia, Ivanna S. Pankin, Eight Track, Eva Lye, Kitty Crowbar, Betty Rumble, Harlot O'Scara, Leadfoot, Kasey Bomber, Helena Handbasket, All the skaters that balance motherhood & derby, Ann Calvello

Name Inspiration: Fate

Food Before a Bout: Ninja power shake & peanut butter on 7-grain goodness

If you could have any super power, what would it be? ---

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