Caddy Compton

Caddy Compton


Personal Stats
Birthday: January 6
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 165

Skate: Wickeds

Cross Training: Yoga sometimes, speed practice if I can make it from work. Soon-to-be Y member. I take the stairs?


Joined CRG: September 2011

Teams You've Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Trauma Queens, Star City Roller Girls.

Favorite Surface: Wood.

How did you find derby?: Went out with friends for roller skating and all-you-can-eat pizza in Roanoke, VA. I tottered around the rink on bobos for a while before a girl in fishnet arm warmers skated over. "Hey," she said. "You haven't fallen down yet. Wanna play roller derby?" Hell yeah, I did.

Sports Background: Quidditch.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Not having to wear the freshmeat pads any longer.

Favorite Derby Memory: Jamming every other with Massacre Marie during the first bout my old team ever won.

Likes: Derby idealism, strategy, respect, bourbon, books, bruises.

Dislikes: Rank wristguards (like mine), thin socks, planes.

Derby Heroes: Kelley Young (Kansas City), Wild Cherri (Gotham).

Name Inspiration: Caddy Compson + NWA.

Food Before a Bout: Protein + Starch + Veggies + Caffeine.

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