Blacque Eyce

Blacque Eyce


Personal Stats
Birthday: November 19
Height: 5'-3"
Weight: Duh, derby lady doesn't tell but it's mostly muscle weight...LMFAO.

Skate: Rollin' dirty with my sure-grips and juke wheels c/o '88 and '93.

Cross Training: Would love too but don't have the time; try to incorporate extra training into my normal day by: parking further from my destination to force myself to walk, taking the stairs, taking the scenic route, walking on my tippy toes and even up the stairs, squats(all the time in any situation that allows) get the idea .

Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs GRD, August 2011.


Joined CRG: January 2011

Teams You've Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Trauma Queens.

Favorite Location: Skate Ranch cuz that's where I hone my skills but biggups Wheels in DC!

Favorite Surface: Wood floor.

How did you find derby?: I love skating, always have but no one else I know enjoys it as much as I do. Sooo, I decided to start back skating by going to Wheels every week summer of 2010. I have always secretly loved derby and thought why not try it. Thus, I found derby by doing a google search for roller derby in NC. Seriously! Hadn't seen or been to one bout; hadn't met a CRG league member; hadn't seen one flyer, poster, etc. I was totally oblivious to CRGs existence until google search.

Sports Background: NONE! Didn't pass 6th grade cheerleading tryouts and I haven't been least not until now.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Learning to love all of my scrapes, bruises, etc.

Favorite Derby Memory: Booty blocking Mora Manipulator during the 11/19/11 bout while she was jamming.

Likes: Derby gear, rescue dogs, LAUGHTER, MBB-blue devils of course(duh), french fries and overall STUFFING MY FACE!!!!

Dislikes: Endurance on/off skates at the end of practice, hockey stops, the word 'boo' & the other blue team.

Derby Heroes: All the ladies cuz you have to be tuff mentally and physically for this sport .

Name Inspiration: Well, while driving to work one day after a snowstorm I noticed some black ice on the road & hence...Blacque Eyce was born! Sneaks up on you everytime when you least expect it, always underestimated but delivers a powerful punch when contact is made

Food Before a Bout: Man, anything that won't cause me to get the bubble guts! LMFAO

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Duh, the power to control nature like Storm cuz I'm Eyce!!!!

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