Billie Brawliday

Billie Brawliday

#1954 - Carolina Bootleggers

Personal Stats
Birthday: February 20: You can send presents to my PO Box (:
Height: Brick House!
Weight: Chocolate Thunder and proud of it baby!

"The Sassiest Hawk", "Player With The Goofiest Faces", "CRG Token Mixed Girl".

Skate: I've always skated on Riedells!

Cross Training: Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aqua Aerobics, CIZE workouts w/my husband, & of course stroller jogging w/my son.

Debut: 6:29am, a chilly Sunday morning at Brooklyn Hospital. The doctor cut the cord, slapped my booty and then I hip checked him.


Joined CRG: Late 2006, (left..big mistake), Back For Good!

Teams You've Played For: (CRG) Carolina Bootleggers, Trauma Queens, Debutante Brawlers, (SCRD) Steel Beamers & Avengers.

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena for sure!

Favorite Surface: The ones that aren't uneven and dirty

How did you find derby?: Roller Derby is a place where: I can feel encouraged and supported. Feel a sense of teamwork & sisterhood. Travel the country. Achieve physical goals & stay fit/healthy. Release angst and stress. Overcome my fear of failure. Learn to see the successes in myself & others rather than the failures. Ultimately I wanted to do something that would make my Father proud of me for being a self disciplined and strong woman. I CONTINUE to skate because it builds self confidence, keeps me in good shape, allows me to spend time with amazing women, gives me something to put good energy into and something that allows me to release BAD energy. In a "safe" and Legal manner, that is.

Sports Background: Weight Lifting Competitor

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Being told that I no longer SUCKED at baseball slides. Yay!

Favorite Derby Memory: Really whenever my team hits the floor and works together as a strong, confident unit, it sticks in my mind. I keep the positive derby memories close.

Likes: Passionate & Smart People, Mohawks, Gardening, High Fives, ICY HOT, Teamwork, Eyeliner, Cursive Writing, Jump Turns, Silent Films, Hello Kitty, My Baby's Laughter.

Dislikes: Laziness, Racism, Hypocrisy, Impatience, Druggies, Grapefruit & Cats...

Derby Heroes: My hero never played derby: My father has always been my hero because of his courage, faith, kindness and love.

Name Inspiration: Well its no secret, I was named after Lady Day herself (Billie Holiday). But my friend thought up "Brawliday" when helping me create a tough sounding derby name. The number 1954 is for my dad, Reuben Jackson, who was born that year. He unfortunately passed away before my debut derby game. So I am proud to have him at my back every time my skates hit the track <3

Food Before a Bout: PB&J sandwich, Eternal water, orange slices, MILK, spaghetti, bananas or Zone bars... not all at once :)

If you could have any super power, what would it be? The strength of HULK!!

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