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Baileys Irish Scream


Personal Stats
Birthday: July 14
Height: 5'-5"
Weight: Enough

I've gotten a few bout MVP Jammers, a season MVP Jammer, Best A$$, Most Improved, and a few other assorted but greatly appreciated awards.

Skate: Antik AR-1 boots, Avenger Mag plates, and Jukes.

Cross Training: I don't do enough cross training, but I do a whole lot of carrying trays of food. That counts, right?

Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs Brandywine Brawlers, November 2013


Joined CRG: September 2013

Teams You've Played For: I just got rostered for the Bootleggers, and I've broken into the AllStar Charter, but haven't actually played for them yet.

Favorite Location: JellyBeans!

Favorite Surface: I love slick concrete, with a little slide under my wheels.

How did you find derby?: My cousin, Fonda Brawls, was playing for Columbia Quad Squad a few years ago and told me every time she saw me that I should try derby and that I would love it. I was totally not down with other women hitting me, and I liked my face how it was, so I was not about to try it. But then I started thinking about it... Watching "Whip It" regularly... Wearing red lipstick... I mentioned it to my then-boyfriend, and he told me that I was "too delicate" for a rough, contact-heavy sport. The next week we broke up, I went to my first practice, and I haven't looked back.

Sports Background: I started T-ball as soon as I could. Softball was a family thing- My parents and uncle coached the team, and my sister, cousin, and I all played together. I stopped playing when I was 14. I did Track and Field in early high school... Well, really just Field. I threw discus and shotput, and I was terrible at it. The upperclassmen called me their ballerina, because I was always wearing pink, prancing around, and I was roughly half the size of any of them. Then I did AFROTC my freshman year of college. Definitely a good experience, but definitely not for me.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: It isn't really one moment, it's more of a compilation of moments... When I first started with Ring City, there was a Greenville Gang. We were pretty awesome. Reina Terror (CRG), Dirty Jerz (Monterey Bay Derby Dames), iPunchHer Barbie (retired), and I all carpooled together. We had a tour of smells (every drive passed by farms, paper factories, roadkill, etc), would make our own remixes to songs (This Jerz is on FIRE!), and accidentally killed several families of raccoons. Every drive was the best.

Favorite Derby Memory: The first bout I ever saw was Ring City Rollergirls vs Camel City Thrashers. I had only been to two practices, but watching BF Skinher and DJ Scribblez tearing it up really made me fall in love with the sport and more determined to do well. Fast forward one year later, RCR played CCT again, but I was one of the captains. I jammed the first jam against BF Skinher (Holy Shnikes!), the team flowed together so well, we kept our cool, and played our game. Reina Terror and I got MVPs for Ring City, while Michelle OBamya and BF Skinher got MVPs for Camel City. I cried for like, 45 minutes after the game- we lost by about thirty points, but that was a minor detail. I was so overwhelmed by pride in my team, relief that I didn't let them all down as a captain, playing against (and loving!) the team that inspired me to keep pushing as a freshie, and just overall love for the sport.

Likes: Friendly people, good tippers, Coca-Cola, longboarding, beer, optimism, and salt water.

Dislikes: People who settle when they deserve more. Excuses. High blocks to my face.

Derby Heroes: I've been a Roxy Rockett fan since I saw my first Dorton game sometime in late 2011. I adore BF Skinher (Rose City), and I just can't get over how perfect Forty Ounce Bounce (River City) is, both jamming and blocking.

Name Inspiration: My real name is Bailey, I yell a lot, and I'm Irish. It was just too perfect to pass up.

Food Before a Bout: I don't like eating a lot before I play... so probably a ham and turkey sub from Subway with some cucumbers, lettuce, chipotle ranch, and banana peppers. And boiled eggs.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? TELEPORTATION!!! I drive 90 minutes each way to practice with CRG, and it would make my life soooo much easier. Not to mention, I'd save a TON on gas money!

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