Ava Gore

Ava Gore

#42 - Chapel Thrillers, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: March 5
Height: 5'-1"
Weight: n/a

Skate: Antik AR-1 XK-4 DA-45

Cross Training: Running, weight training.


Joined CRG: September 2011

Teams You've Played For: Trauma Queens, Mississippi Brawl Stars.

Favorite Surface: Concrete.

How did you find derby?: I was sitting in a bar and saw a flier. How else does one find derby?

Sports Background: Track, cross country, basketball (until everyone else grew and I didn't.).

Best Fresh Meat Moment: The sweet relief of passing level ones.

Favorite Derby Memory: Sitting in the suicide seating with Caddy Compton at Dorton for the November 2011 bout and realizing what a wonderful league we had become a part of, and the immeasurable level of support there is from players and fans.

Likes: Books, working out, kitties, and beer.

Dislikes: Realizing practice is over and it's time to take my skates off.

Derby Heroes: Holly Wanna Crackya, Bianca Bullet (Hub City Derby Dames), Hot Mess Express.

Name Inspiration: My original derby name was a bit politically incorrect, and when it came time to change it I had already identified with Ava. I became Ava Gore, as a homage to Eva Gabor.

Food Before a Bout: Peanut butter sandwich and a banana.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Does being able to reach things on the top shelf count as a super power? If so I'll take that please!

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