Aurora Thunder

Aurora Thunder

#7 - Durham Crash, Carolina All-Stars

Personal Stats
Birthday: May 7
Height: 5'-7"
Weight: Varies

2014 All Star Delta Blocker
2013 All Star Delta Blocker
2012 Runner up Brick House
MVP Blocker - Carolina vs. BRRG May 2015
MVP Blocker - Bootleggers vs. BRRG French Broads July 2012
MVP Blocker - Bootleggers vs. RCR Uncivil Wariors June 2012

Skate: Riedell 1065s with Roll Line Plates and the hardest wheels I can find.

Cross Training: Playing at the skate park, occasionally running, and bodyweight exercises.

Debut: Tai Chi-tahs vs. Trauma Queens, September 11, 2010.


Joined CRG: June 2010

Teams You've Played For:
Carolina All Stars 2012-Present
Carolina Bootleggers 2010-2012
Durham Crash 2014-Present
Trauma Queens 2012-2013
Tai Chi-tahs 2010-2011
Then there was that one time I wore pink as a guest skater for the Debs. :)

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena.

Favorite Surface: Concrete.

How did you find derby?: My daughter started roller skating so I came with her to the local rinks. We started to meet the derby girls and attend local games. I had skated as a child so it came back fairly easily and I became hooked.

Sports Background: Skating and Track.

Likes: Good Sports.

Dislikes: Bad attitudes.

Food Before a Bout: Usually a burrito bowl from Chipotle or something similar.

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